April 22, 2019

Idea validation


We are building product, that simplify process of landing page/product feedback receiving. By exchange your feedback to reward from the service (who doesn't like free stuff, even if it is useless)

But, we are in struggle now. We have another similar concept. To go from the LP feedback into startups services exchange. For example i have an email-marketing product and i need landing-page builder product. I am ready to exchange 3 months of my service in order to receive 3 months of yours. Same things with reviews etc.

The main question is: which path should we choose first or second?

  1. Build a landing feedback service and then monopoly other categories
  2. Build a general service of exchanging services

We are now in clickable prototype-state of the idea number 1. But it is small amount of changes we do need to make it idea number 2.

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    Hmm. Very interesting.

    Perhaps I can help you out. I have a site builder. We handled building SaaS applications, but a subsection of it is a landing page builder. Perhaps I can help!

    But your idea at #2 is very interesting. What if it was like a freelancing site, but you got paid in hours. So for example, I could help someone build an app, but then I could exchange those hours for anyone else on the sites time. Say I need some design and sales help. I could build an app for one person, but exchange half those hours for sales and half for design help. Similar to using money and paying people, but in a much more help each other community way rather than transactional.

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    Interesting. I think being on indie hackers creates a hive mind mentality, idea 1 has been on my idea list for months.

    Idea 2 is unique, and could provide a lot of value to startups.

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      Idea #1 came into my mind, after quick view and analyzing of #landing-page-feedback posts. Some listings got tons of reviews. Others 1-2 at best case scenario.

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    Here's a website that I came across a year ago that does exactly that: Review for Review


    Haven't followed it for a year if there were additional features added. But I am sure this will help in giving you a fair idea for validation.

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      Thanks for sharing. Yes, i know about quite similar products. But, their main issue is - they only provide value for product itself. Not people, who will review it.

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