Ideas and Validation October 22, 2020

Idea Validation: Current website rating and reviews browser extension.


I'm thinking about creating a browser extension which shows you the average rating of the website you are currently on.

Let's say you are surfing around the web searching for products or whatever, and you wonder what people think about this website/product. The only thing you have to do is too look up in the top of the browser window and you will get the average rating. If you click on the extension you will be able to view reviews for the website and sort by best/worst and the website the review came from.

My idea is to have a web scraper that scrapes several different review and rating sites, takes the average rating from all those and shows that in the extension.

You should also be able to rate the site yourself in the extension, this will affect the average score of the site.

Would you use this or is it simply another useless extension?

Please let me know your thoughts!

PS. please let me know if this already exists.

Do you think this would be useful?
  1. I would use it, but i would never pay money for it.
  2. I would use it, and i would even pay money for it.
  3. I wouldn't use it, but i can see how it could be useful to some people
  4. I wouldn't use it, and i think it is totally useless.
  5. This already exists! Please let me know where :)
  1. 1

    We are in this same space. We are, the video description is here:

    Yes, there is definitely value for this, one problem though is you might not be able to scrape data from different mediums effectively as most of them are closed platforms. Also, reviews are collected in different mediums which can be fragmented. It is like comparing apples and oranges.

    You could do something specific to a niche and get away with it though. Like, you do a plugin for Amazon reviews and then filter out fake review using your own logic and have that show up on the plugin.

    We are trying to solve problem on the other side of the marketplace, the business side. Check us out at

  2. 1

    i think that reviews are problematic to analysis as you can't really assure who gave them and he know of it , so its a zero trust issue. i can see that there is value for this service with experts providing insights but i can't see it ranking a vast range of topics

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