April 7, 2019

#idea-validation - Entrepreneurs against Climate Change

Oli Hall @SuchIndieHackMuchWow

This is an idea I've been turning over for a bit at the back of my mind. Essentially, I've been looking for a way to apply my skills towards mitigating climate change, and whilst there are a lot of grass-roots activism efforts already in place, there's nothing really from a tech/entrepreneurial angle - folks from this mindset/community wanting to organise/co-ordinate.

What I had in mind was something a bit akin to IndieHackers: a forum for discussing ideas and concepts with like-minded individuals; interviews with inspiring figures; as well as potentially a knowledge base of research and articles about potential areas to investigate/a career guide (along the lines of 80000 hours perhaps?).

My main concerns are: is this actually something that would be useful/that there's demand for, and how on earth would I get any value out of it? (I could run ads/sponsorships potentially, or add some form of paid job-board feature if the network gains traction).

Anyhow, I'd love to know your thoughts/opinions on this!


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    It would be interesting to see a "Product hunt" of products or even hacks to inspire people to do their everyday things in a more sustainable way. Just brainstorming a bit here.

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      That's an interesting angle on the space that'd I'd not actually thought about much. Hmm, will see if I can work that in somewhere/if it fits into what I have in mind, or if it would be better as it's own thing.

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    I would personally love to see more entrepreneurial activities around this kind of stuff. I know most people traditionally expect this stuff to be charity/grassroots efforts, but I think it would be so cool if people could make a living whilst also trying to support climate change and our planet!

    You might also want to hook up with @blunicorn who has similar interests.

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      hey @SuchIndieHackMuchWow yes, feel free to get in touch via the email address on my profile :-)

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        Cheers, just read your profile, sounds like we have similar interests! I'll follow up by email.

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      Yeah, that was very much my feeling too - it's such an enormous challenge that we should try and tackle it every way we can - be that charity, activism, or plain ol' entrepreneurism! Cheers for the intro to @blunicorn - it sounds like he and I're thinking along similar lines!

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    I like it. Not sure if this is a great business idea, but it feels like a good community idea. Of course, the big question is, how are you planning on executing this and growing your community? Do you plan on doing podcasts, interviews, whatever IH is doing? What's the distribution channel(s)? Then there is the question of money, how long can you stretch yourself thin before you give up if no money comes in sooner than you hoped?

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      Yeah, the community idea came first, and the monetisation/business side of things was more of an afterthought. Initially I was thinking of this purely as a non-profit side project, but if I can find a way to generate revenue from it, then it could be more.

      In terms of growing the community, I'm not 100% sure. It's probably going to have to grow somewhat organically over time, but I was hoping to work on the informational side of things (resources for folks interested in tackling climate change) - using SEO to ensure that it comes high for a few decent keywords (this is a back-of-the-envelope strategy for now!). That should help bootstrap the community, which could give enough publicity/traffic that I can persuade companies to let me interview them. Hopefully from there it could start gaining momentum. However, at the moment it's all thought-experiment stuff - I don't know whether there's interest out there, or if these approaches will be enough.

      In terms of runway, I've got enough to last me for a couple of years, so I don't need to worry too much, and I have some other ideas that I can pursue to support this if it proves not to be particularly profitable (as I mentioned before, my initial thought was that this would never make money, so I'd need another revenue stream to support it).

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      Indeed, the job board aspect came to me later, but thinking about it, I don't think there's anything with that angle out there now. It's certainly a way to secure the monetary aspect of things too - possibly similar to how Pieter Levels did with Nomad List, I guess.

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