May 28, 2019

#idea-validation - expiration/renewal reminder


The idea is a web site users can enter (or upload) a list of various business items and their expiration dates, and the system would email them as the expiration dates come up. A few competitors exist, but they all cost more for more items, mine would be a flat cost.

Examples: domain names, SSL certs, vehicle licenses, employee certificates, inspection dates.



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    I would make an entry in my calendar. What's the benefit of your service?

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      This. I already have my calendar app on my phone and get integrated email/in-app notifications through Gmail/Outlook. Given how easy it is to manage my calendar and how Gmail can auto-populate my calendar by reading the email content makes it a no-brainer to keep all my events in the one place.

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    A lot of that stuff is already automated through the actual service providers. For example, when one of my domains is about to expire, GoDaddy notifies me via email. I replaced an SSL cert on AWS last week because Amazon sent an "ACTION REQUIRED" email. So I'm not sure where your service would differentiate.