Idea validation: Google Docs/XLS to GraphQL

Hey all
As per title, I am working on the side project, where Excel Spreadsheets can be converted to GraphQL and be used as data source for dynamic modern websites.
I believe we all know companies that "live in Excel". They keep information about their stock, finances etc in spreadsheets. Quite often they would like to be able to publish that data online on their website (and make sure that the changes they make in XLS is replicated online!).
This is more less the product I am working on. If you think its good idea - please leave a comment (it motivates to continue to work). If you think I am wasting my time - please say so as well.
I am grateful for all the comments. Thanks!

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    I think it has potential. A while ago, I was working on a website for a shipping company on a tight budget. Instead of spending time on a custom dashboard, I decided to give Google Docs API a try (as they were using it for their day-to-day tasks). They were really satisfied.

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      Many thanks for your comment. I am definitely aiming at small companies

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    I use Gatsby JS and a plug-in for Airtable that does something similar. Maybe you could build a Google sheets to Gatsby plugin?

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      My idea is that you can use Google Docs (or upload XLS file) to get GraphQL endpoint. Then it should be no problem to integrate it with Gatsby.
      Thanks for your comment.

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    I think there is an app that does what you said, https://graphqlsheet.com

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      Thanks. Yes, it looks similar to what I am planing to achieve, but not 1:1. There are few, but I think important differences. Thanks for the link!

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    I love this idea - I was just googling around trying to figure out the best way to get started with GraphQL and this would be lovely.

    I've dabbled with the Google Sheets API to automate some reporting, and have used Rest API tools (Sheety.co, Sheetsu) layered on top of Google Sheets to hack together solutions; would be happy to be a guinea pig.

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      Sounds great! Thanks for your message. I will contact you for sure!

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