May 7, 2019

Idea Validation: Hybrid Saas builder


Hello guys, the idea is to mix service like "web builder tools" + "freelance platform" + "serverless code" .

the web builder part is to save time on all repetive front tasks and use an outsourcing service to plug in the rest of the missing functionality. once the project is completed, the client can leave with all the code base.

He can keep secret the custom parts of his app.

My target is a people who want make mvp very quickly and few money

What do you think about that ? i cam detail more exploitation

  1. 1 started out like that, and moved up market from what I can see to enterprise customers.

    They would build web apps and mobile apps using previous project parts to save time and money.

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      Tks for your feedbacks. Any idea about the pricing ?

      1. 1

        They were charging 50k-300k+.