March 15, 2019

#idea-validation - Mental health for solopreneurs, hackers and remote workers

Javier Carceller @javiercarceller

Working isolated without no one to talk to might get tough and lonely, even get you to burnout, besides hanging out in IH, I believe there is a lot of things to do, but resources are spread out. I am taking a break for a few months now to recover from burnout and I am thinking of creating something that people in similar situation can look at when feeling down. I have these few ideas:

  • Interviews with remote workers or hackers that have been in similar situations and talk about the ways they used or are using to get out.
  • Newsletter with relevant content.
  • Slack / Discord support group.

What are your thoughts IHs? Is there any of these items appealing to you or something that you'd think is helpful? Thanks!

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    Working alone day after day definitely can get to you. I lived in San Diego for a few years and they have a pretty great startup/tech scene, so there was always something or other on Meetup to go to - even if it was just a meetup of a few folks working at a coffee shop together. That, more than anything, helped with the crazies I felt from working from home all the time. I currently live in Virginia, where there is not really much of a startup/tech scene, so there isn't much in the way of meetups and whatnot to get out and mix it up. HUGE difference.

    I think something focusing on the "real" world would be great - kind of like meetup, but for makers ( is available... just sayin'.), short of that, I think a Slack/Discord group would be most beneficial since that focuses on belonging to a community rather than just consuming media.

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      I get you, there is not a great tech scene where I live now (Cebu City) and traffic is horrible to get to the few that there are, so real life events it's kind of hard now. Noted about the Slack group. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Mental health issues, burnout and depression are very common also in the broader entrepreneurial community. I’m in several communities were those topics come up over and over again. There are of course also a few startups already working in this area, but there is definitely a larger market.

    Prevention is the most interesting aspect for myself. Also, I actually miss having my “crowd” of people and friends around that I met daily at work. Definitely struggling to have a good social life. The fact I have two kids to take care of definitely has a more negative impact on my social life than the remote or solo preneur style of work.

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      Thanks for your feedback! That's great to know, I am no expert on the domain, but I am always trying to learn hacks that helped me to get better with myself. Parenting is definitely a tough one, I have only one and it's still very hard! When you say prevention, what kind of routines or hacks do you have to prevent? Thanks again!

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        For me it comes down to at least two crucial things:

        1. demanding and making space and time for self-care like getting ready in the morning or having a cup of coffee just by myself. No matter how busy the schedule. Enjoying those times. Breathing and just excersising to be in that moment.
        2. doing physical excersices. I do them outside of home so I also have me time and meet others. Same here, i really try to stick with it as a number one priority. It’s too easy to let it go otherwise. I really rarely do skip it.

        One thing that’s also crucial is to be kind to myself. So, if it does not work out, I try to be as kind to myself as I would with my kids. Understanding that it’s a real thing: being lonely, having fears, having no time. These are no excuses. This is the current situation, at least sometimes. And i just do my best to roll with it. Comes another day, life looks different ;)

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          Thanks for your insight! Good to hear all this!

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    I think a section where users could find some basic things about physical health (as it helps our mental health) would be very nice too. It would be great to have something like this, I'd definitely use it :)

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      Thanks John, physical health is definitely something to take into account!