May 23, 2019

Idea validation - new ads marketplace


Hey IH,

I was wondering if it makes sense to build some kind of a marketplace, where content creators could offer ad space, brand promotion etc.

I imagine this to be coupled with some metrics, think daily impressions, subscriber count, audience profile and others - so that people interested in advertising using these channels could easily find direct promotion channels for their businesses, skipping Adsense for instance.

Does it make sense?

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    I would probably agree with @Bsme on that one. It would make sense to narrow down.

    Most folks who have a lot of traffic already know the networks to use and that's because they have the inventory to fill in the space accordingly, at the highest bidder.

    It's not impossible to start though. I believe mediavine was exclusively for food bloggers at first.

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    There is a lot of competition around that... you even have marketplaces just for Youtube or Instagram...

    In the end will only work if you have those nice advertising deals...

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    There’s are 100s of product like this, try looking up influencers marketplace. Maybe there is a niche you can find that’s untapped?

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    Whenever I read the term "marketplace"; the first thing that comes to my mind is the chicken-and-egg problem.

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    Thanks for the comments everybody. It does seem like a crowded space really, and I must say that I am not really familiar with the market. Probably its not the unicorn I am after:).

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