Ideas and Validation April 7, 2020

[Idea Validation] NPM Module marketplace

Prasanna Mestha @prasanna

A platform where developers could sell npm modules.

Hey guys, I started working on this idea about 2 weeks back and now I finally thought of validating this idea. What do you guys think about this? Do you think it would be helpful for developers if they could sell npm modules instead of giving them away for free?

Feedback/criticism welcomed.

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    I think its a brilliant idea. Helps support developers who build great opensource packages. I can see a marketplace for npm modules definitely being successful if done right.

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    Just a few thoughts:

    • when you install an npm module you have access to the source code (basically). So when someone buys the module he has access to the source code and can just give it away?
    • so you must use some kind of system to verify that the developer has bought the module => API keys?
    • then why don't you offer the module for free, but the module is just a wrapper for your API (hosted somewhere else?)
    • of course you can believe in the good of the people and that they won't give away bought modules for free

    I really like the idea, because developers somehow must make money. But not sure if it feasible for npm modules.

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      Thanks for your insights mate - love them. In response to your thoughts:
      *1 yeah, people can basically share the source code - but that's the downside of sharing codes. But on the bright side this would definitely help developers sell npm packages.
      *2 yeah, I'm thinking of using some sort of a token for authorization
      *3 that doesn't work for libraries/frameworks
      *4 Totally! Also, it would help SMB's to share some of their private packages within the team.

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      Thinking about piracy is pointless. As people who try to use pirated stuff wouldn't buy the software anyway. So they are not the target market. Piracy exists/ is possible in all marketplaces that sell libraries. Eg. Codecanyon. But still they are successful because users of the target market are willing to pay to support devs and do things legally.

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    I think that most devs who put their modules on npm do it because they want not because they have to.

    I guess you can still find devs who want to monetise their package

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      Thanks! This helps :)

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    I believe you just invented 😅

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      Codecanyon is a market place for scripts and other stuff. I think npm as a serperate market place will be huge. Potentially bigger than codecanyon.

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      not really. I am talking about a service that only aloows paid users to npm install the package

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        Ah, that makes more sense