April 7, 2019

[idea validation] Personalized city guides


I would like to create a website on which you can get a city guide that is built specifically for your interests. As a user, you would fill a short questionnaire about your interests, personality, expectations.

Questions would be like:
How much do you like museums,
How much you like architecture and monuments,
How much you into nightlife
Do you like some particular sport

So, in the end, the plan would be built according to your needs, your group size, budget, time available, age and so on.

The plan would consist of a list of places with a short description, proposed route, and some time frame.

The website would be just a simple landing page with payments and survey. MVC would be done specifically for one city. I would find local 'contractor' guide but after time I could just reuse existing guides.

What do you think about it?


  1. 1

    sounds good but why should i pay for this service? what will you offer me more than lonely planet, foursquare, tripadvisor and travel blog posts? because, making research about a city or country before visiting is a part of this travel experience. may be, you could offer this service who hasn't enough time to make a research and or who has limited time to visit somewhere in a city.