May 3, 2019

Idea Validation: Podcast Content Repurposing Platform

Dmitri Kyle Brereton @dkb868

Podcast episodes are filled with valuable information, but are very long. Take the IH podcast for example. One episode can have the answers to various questions like "How do you validate an idea?" or "How do you get your first customers?", but those are just short segments somewhere within the podcast. So if you wanted that specific answer, you wouldn't be able to find it besides perhaps searching through the transcripts.

From a podcast host perspective, episodes contain tons of content (around 10 blog posts of content) but all you have is one big episode, so you're missing out on people who are searching for specific things.

My current idea for a solution is a podcast content repurposing platform.

Podcast hosts can upload their episodes, and the episodes will magically be split into smaller audio clips (with text) for specific questions and topics. So a 1.5 hour "Interview with Lynne Tye" becomes a 5 minute "How did Lynne Tye learn to code?", "How did Key Values get its first sale?" etc.

These smaller clips are now searchable on the platform + indexed on google, so anyone searching for "How did Key Values get its first sale?" will be sent to the audio clip from that podcast episode.

This platform is specific to some podcast or community. So IH would have its own version with only IH clips so IH users can search, while the Tim Ferris Show will have a separate version. And everything will be discoverable on google.

Would love to get thoughts on all of this from current podcast hosts as well as podcast fans.

cc: @csallen, @louisswiss, @JeffMeyerson, @saronyitbarek, @pjrvs and any other podcast hosts out there.


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    I think it's an interesting idea. It seems like two ideas in one at this point: (1) a service that splits episodes, creates short audio clips, tags them, and transcribes them; and (2) some sort of personalized website that hosts and displays all of the above.

    I would personally pay for #1 if the quality is really good. (But that's tough. Every transcription SaaS I've ever used puts out low-quality AI-created transcripts, because hiring humans to do it is expensive and difficult to scale.) Then I could take the clips and snippets and integrate them into the IH website however I want.

    I doubt I'd pay for #2. This is just me speaking as a web developer who already has a platform for hosting content. Others who can't code or who don't have a site like mine or Jeff's might really need #2.

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      That's a good catch that it really is more like two different ideas. I think the first one would be more valuable for most content creators. You mentioned transcription as an important part, but I'd be curious about the value of just splitting your content into separate clips.

      It's easier to think about with YouTube videos, and I know the IH channel has mostly office hours videos with tons of questions and answers. So would it be valuable if there was a service that split those YouTube videos into smaller self-contained clips where a single question is answered?

      The benefits would be the same as the platform part of my idea above, except these would just be video clips that you can post to your YouTube channel and get more people in who are already searching for this stuff on YouTube.

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    This is great, in fact, Naval Ravikant uses this format for his podcasts, its content is sliced and diced into approx 2-3 min audio episodes

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      You just sent me on a nice mini-binge session. Thanks!

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    Coming from a content marketer PoV as I don't consume podcasts much myself (deliberately as I would fill the last remaining silent time I have!!): I think its a great idea, perfect for bitesized social media use, dropping in emails and adding to blog posts. I would pay for this.

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      Omg I'm a very big fan of!

      Thanks for the feedback, I'm curious to know where the value lies here from your perspective. Is it mostly in having those smaller chunks that you can share? Or is it having that content on a platform that makes it discoverable?

      Seems like the first one from what you mentioned, but just wanted to be sure.

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        Thanks glad to hear it!

        The first one yeah - The more I can reuse content, in a useful way, the more I can generate visits from the same content - in an automatic way

        I don't do any podcasting myself, but I see this as useful to promoting clients of one of my companies in an upcoming service Im building

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    its like a contents page for a podcast! I like it!

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      Yeah something like that! There's actually a feature like this on Overcast, but it's more tied to the episode. In my case, each 'chapter' would be its own piece of content as well.

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    I would ask this: if the smaller question from a guest is valuable, why wouldn't the larger context and entire interview also be valuable? Do people actually ask those kinds of specific questions and go searching for answers? If so, why? To find a consensus of experiences?

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      The larger podcast may be valuable, but if you're trying to learn something specific then sitting through 1 hour of a podcast is not very efficient. I would specifically be looking into how certain people got their first sale if that's what I was trying to do right now. Or maybe they answer a broader question like "How to come up with a valuable idea". Or maybe I just want to get a glimpse of what kind of information is in that episode.

      Seems to me like there are a lot of different uses for smaller pieces of content.

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    Interesting idea.

    I see the value in being able to share/access shorter snippets and have the content better indexed.

    Personally, I'm only just starting out with my podcast though, so I doubt my feedback is particularly useful or indicative of 'real' podcasters...

    FWIW, I think you're on the right track by reaching out to podcasters to really understand the pain you're solving before building. Keep on that path and you'll do well...

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for the feedback. I think your new podcast is awesome btw!

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        V kind, thanks!