Ideas and Validation April 1, 2020

Idea Validation : Real-time GitHub Notifications

Haythem Tlili @haythemtlili

Hey Indie Hackers,

I've been working on this side project for last couple of weeks now.

The concept is simple, sign up using your GitHub account, configure events (push, pull request, issue, release) on any of your repositories and receive real-time push notifications when those events occur.

Is it something that you would use ?

A working example can be visualized here :

Your feedback is much appreciated.

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    Sounds really nice, Haythem! I would love to know what's happening in real-time 🔥 Keep us posted!

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    I will say that, for myself, I wouldn't use it in its current form - though this is a neat idea! For me:

    • I feel like I already get tons of email notifications (and a crazy set of gmail filters to manage them), especially with many engineers simultaneously working on repositories
    • I more often want updates for specific branches, for example, high-urgency code that I want to keep up to date on

    Very nice demo! Anything that could help get more signal from the noise of all of my current notifications would help.

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      Hi @poundifdef,

      Thank you for taking time and interest in the project.

      I totally hear you when it comes to all the noise that we receive each day.

      You feedback is very relevant and been taken into consideration. I'll try adding branch filtering (by selecting one or multiple branches or by a regular expression).

      Please don't hesitate to shoot more ideas that help better shaping the project.

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    Hello. There are many "GitHub Actions" to do this:

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      Hey @Lobovkin,

      Thank you for taking time to respond.

      Sure, many actions are out there that can send push notifications to users, but you have to take into consideration the following :

      • Users / organizations who don't use GitHub actions and are on other CI/CD infrastructures : Travis, CircleCI an the list goes on
      • These GitHub actions are generally coupled to push notification services like Pushbullet which means that users should have an account on those platforms and should go through the process of setting an API key or a token in order to get it to work. Too much of a hassle.
      • Per repository configuration : difficult to maintain
      • Multiple workflows for multiple events because a workflow can only be triggered by a single event (or a cron).

      When I thought about this project, I wanted to offer :
      1- Global view of repos/subscriptions
      2- Zero configuration : no tokens to copy/paste. Everything is done in the backstage by the application (synchronizing repo metadata, setting up webhooks, etc.)
      3- Granularity : per repo/event configuration

      Thanks again for your feedback.

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    Nice idea! Would be nice to know when something happens to a repository when working in a team (I would use it, especially when working with a remote team).

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      Hi @LarsWolters,

      Happy to hear that you're interested in the project. I'll keep you posted when I launch it 🚀

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    Slack Integration -> , this is probably what most teams use, since they're already on slack.

    Too many apps can be a nightmare.

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    I think I don't get so many notifications so far and have no trouble to follow up for now. The important work notifications (pushed branch, merge) go to our Slack.