Ideas and Validation April 4, 2020

Idea validation: SEA tech hub community website


I'm thinking of making a website for the digital/tech community in Southeast Asia. It would include various information such as meetups, co-working spaces, blogs etc.

It could be useful to locals, expats and even digital nomads.

Monetization could be done through sponsorships for example.

What do you think? How would you validate this concept?

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    Validate the concept progressively and iteratively. Collect as much information & data as practically necessary in every iteration. Conclude each validation with either a "Go-or-No-go" or a "Pivot-or-Persevere" decision.

    Typical validation iterations include

    1. Brainstorm with your team and assess the validity of the concept amongst yourselves
    2. Conduct unbiased informal interviews with 10-50 individuals not part of your own team
    3. Survey 100+ people of diverse profiles that strongly represent your target market
    4. Create, publish, and promote launch page (grow list, track analytics, collect feedback)
    5. Build, publish, and promote an MVP (grow list, track analytics, collect feedback)

    I hope this helps.

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      It does, thank you

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    Need more details on this.

    1. How are you planning to scale this up?
    2. This is going to be a long term project or short-term project?
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      1. Hmm what do you mean exactly? Launching and getting it off the ground would be the 1st step :-) I can think of various features and potential entities to partner with, but going there now would be against the principle of starting small, I guess?
      2. Things always take more time than initially planned. So long term.

      Do you think a website like this could be useful?

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        Yes definitely.
        Try make it clutter free tho.