Idea Validation: The Log Everything App

I'm working on a little side app that I personally could use and haven't found anything comparable.

At its core its a notes/task-list app, but the goal is not to plan out your days and schedules.

The goal is to allow recording/logging "something" you did very quickly and then forgetting about it.
Each log definitely gets a timestamp, and optionally a location tag as well.

"I gave my kid a bath"
"I cooked rice"
"I spent $3.50 at MyLocalCoffeeShop"
"I did 20 pushups"
"washed the bedsheets"

I often find myself forgetting when was the last time I washed my bedsheets or how old is this food in my fridge.
I would love to have a system where I can confidently/quickly/securely log everything I do AND have the ability to search for it, and find out when/where it was done.

Any thoughts & Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    This sounds like it has potential. I love tracking things and collecting data on personal habit achievements, exercise, finances etc. Can see myself using something like this that tracks things I do frequently but not often enough to remember the last time I did it?

    The only issue I can see is that I don't want to open my phone every two minutes to record a task I did. Would there be some way to automate it? Connect it to other apps that are already tracking things like Health?

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      I agree, the input needs to be very simple. I have plans to integrate with 3rd party api data, and also add in assistant hooks.
      "Hey Google, tell Dubby (is what i call this right now) I changed the britta filter"

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        That sound's promising -- keen to see where you take this!

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    It doesn't sound terrible..... Not sure that I would use it though.

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    Personally, I use Telegram/dming myself to keep track of random thoughts.

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      This would be a great way to allow inputting data into my app. Perhaps I could tie into various chat messaging /sms apis to allow entering the logs.
      Thanks for the input.

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    I dig this idea and something I can see using it myself. The only thing I would like is to reduce the direct interaction as much as possible. Hook into different services and gather the data automatically. I am a software developer and would love to collaborate on this.

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    Having data about habits, but without actions...

    You should think about what you could do with those pieces of information. What would be the desired output and measurable actions that one could take.

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      I agree. The ability to parse and make sense of the data is very key to make it actionable.

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    I like the idea.
    Here are my thoughts about it:

    The value is higher the more granular you track, but this creates more effort.

    Key challenge for the product:
    Best substitute is a plain text file. Therefore the key levers can only be reduction of effort.
    Therefore by time, maybe movement of apple watch and geolocation the app should propose to track a certain activity.

    I am a habit addict, therefore this could help to keep my track record of habits.

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      I've tried plain text field, and it lacks the timestamps/location stamps and searching capabilities i was hoping for. I also want to add some level of auto categorization and tagging to make the data more useful.

      Thanks for the input.

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    This could be good. One of the OpenAI founders uses a separate phone for just writing down ideas. A big problem is how to sift through all the entries to find the good ones.

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    I’d chuck an extra idea in for you. We already have a lot of data about ourselves tied up in our phones and email and search history. Bring those together on a timeline to make it possible to see when you did what.

    For more ideas, watch the series Black Mirror :-)

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      I agree that data is everywhere. I consider this a solution for the more security minded. This app will only log what you want. The data will be encrypted for you only. And if you do want to bring in select app data (photos, fitness, financial etc) I hope to provide api hooks to enable such things. But I don't want to loose the core functionality of only recording exactly what you want for ppl who want just the very basics.
      Black mirror is awesomely scary.
      Thanks for the input.

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    Have you seen https://idonethis.com or https://donel.ist?
    It may not be exactly what you want, but maybe you can find some inspiration.

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      Thanks, will check those out

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    I'd use it! But as others said searching is key, and if you can add tagging/categorizing then thats better. I currently dump everything into my notes app but it's hard to find specific things again later. I'd love a basic notes like app but with an Elasticsearch type layer over top.

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      I plan to add tagging and categorizing as well. I agree the true value will be in the search and recall and also reports.
      Thanks for the input.

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    I personally use camera for this purposes. When I need to remember when/at what time I did something, arrived to some place, I check the feed. And during the day I try to take photos of things. Find it useful for when I lose something to go back and check the exact timeline + Google maps timeline.

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      Nice! Camera, definitely gives you context, time and location. and with the google photos advanced search it can probably find things from your photos as well.
      I hope to add data from google services as part of the app .
      Thanks for the input.

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    Sounds interesting, that's for sure. What I would add is more context to the log. Space (where was I when I logged it) is as equally important to me as the time to me.

    A crucial component to this would be the search. It should be really, really powerful otherwise you will quickly get lost in the logs.

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      Search is definitely key. Can you elaborate on "Space"
      would you like something like "Office", "Bedroom", "Kitchen", "Park" ? or something more specific.
      Thanks for the input.

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        My first idea about Space was exactly as you described it - using geolocation or manually specify "Bedroom", "Office" and etc.

        On second thought - most of the things I log are based on something I was doing (writing an article), reading an article and etc. In other words, space should also include "digital space". For example, the URL where I am prompted to log something (an idea or a reminder).

        Not sure if what I'm writing makes sense though...

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    I do this from time to time and the problem is the physical effort required. I'd like this idea to be a part of my Google Home or other voice-assisted devices. I want to say, "Hey Google, add to my daily log, I just spent an hour cooking" and it records the time and the activity. Then provides me a summary of my day (maybe an email or text or something that I can review again), like my phone showing a graph of how I'm using the device.

    1. 2

      I hope to integrate with voice assistants as this app develops. Something like you mentioned:
      "Hey Google, tell Dubby (is what i call this right now) I changed the britta filter"
      I like the summary idea.
      Thanks for the input.

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        Dubby sounds so much like Dobby.

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    pre-covid I wanted to "geo log" while driving: tap start, record a voice message (auto transcript), and save GPS location. Then be able to search past notes by text and location.

    Perhaps a subset of what you have in mind?

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    Can (in theory) a lifestyle improvement, such as: good sleep + a vitamin complex (Omega3+B12+D) + regular exercise

    fix the problem you are trying to solve without building an app?

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      LOL, I wish. I have ADHD and have trouble remembering and keeping track of things. This app is partially an attempt to solve a recurring problem for me. I'm sure there are natural and more holistic ways of living that are devoid of needless technology based solutions. One can only wish and hope to achieve that level of nirvana. :)

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        Then nothing should stop you from building this app.
        Your advantage is - you know your customer and have a vision of how you can improve his life.

        I can only wish you good luck!

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    Can you expand on what you want to solve here? Why not keep a text note with the last date you did something?

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      The main thing is the ability to search. I want to be able to recall when the last time I cooked something.
      Also if the log data can be parsed It can also be turned into reports.
      You spent $xxx on coffee
      You spent $xxx this month in groceries

      A log everything app can turn into a track and analyze evertthing app.

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