Ideas and Validation October 21, 2020

Idea Validation: Time saving oriented food planner



So I usually don't have too much time to organize myself, and I eat very bad because of it, one of the biggest problems i have when i try to cook for a week, is that i expend A LOT of time cooking and i don't know how to organize myself in the kitchen

So i investigated some food planing apps, but i didn't find a time focused one.

I think i could create one which organize your food week, so you only need to cook one day a week, and the app can optimize the cooking session so you expend less time, it could also track the food inventory in your freezer

Do you think this would be useful?
  1. That already exist (please tell me where, i'm going crazy)
  2. Could work...
  3. I don't understand the idea
  1. 1

    I'm 100% sharing this problem with every single atom of me.

    Cooking healthy/organic takes an insane amt of time yet there's no real alternative for me! (Not many organic take away choices, not to my taste, too expensive etc.)

    But between building a product (, raising a 1-yo kiddo and trying to juggle chores, I grieve for my time that goes to cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

    So please, invent a new eating/food prep system! A way to cook just once a week, but have enough variety and freshness the whole week with min. dirty dishes.

    We've tried conserving cooked meal (goes tasteless in no time), freezing ingredients (takes a lot of time to assemble still), and other things but still, cooking everyday seems to be the only option. (With a one year old who I want to introduce healthy eating habits too). Help!

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      So cool to see i'm not the only one having this problem!

      A few months ago i worked in a startup, we developed a plant based food app, and we designed and implemented a "batch cooking" algorithm, unluckily the company went nuts... but i learnt a lot from it and i still have the nutritionists contact, so i will think about this

      Thanks for your feedback!

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        Hey, I'm currently working on creating a plant-based meal planner, out of necessity as I've been struggling with this myself for years. I started a construction company in 2017 and that has been taking up 10-12 hours a day of my time so eating well and training became a nightmare. I'm looking to make a switch from this business as my health is more important and decided to start building a meal planner, the only downfall is I have minimal technical skills and I work mostly on the design, business and nutrition part which leaves me to hire developers.

        1. 1

          Oh wow, somehow I missed this, sorry

          I already started to work on this, maybe we can talk about this a bit, drop me a DM if you want on Twitter

        1. 2

          Hey, I started this a few weeks ago, but now I decided to "build it in public", in case you want to keep track of it or suggest me some feedback

          1. 1

            This is so cool! Following now. Have fun with the journey and let's discuss along the way!

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