March 31, 2019

#idea-validation - Would you use this ?

Amr Abdou @AmrAbdou

Looking for #idea-validation here before going on with the development! :)

The app idea is a more sophisticated to-do/task scheduler app created specifically for location independent professionals, freelancers, digital nomads & solopreneurs with more social features.

The features planned are: daily task list, time tracker, possibly basic CRM features. Travel planner (for nomads) & reading list.

The questions is would you use something like that ? Do you think that those features together would be useful or there is some apps already that do that ?

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    I agree with @TJmakes, this sort of app has been done so much. I imagine it would be very hard to make something actually unique... and if you could, would that unique angle be enough to grow into a profitable app?

  2. 1

    Everyone does to-do lists as their first project, I did a couple of versions myself with different languages ;-)

    if your looking for extra-cash, you probably need to move on... if it's just a fun project -- proceed ;-)

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      I guess mentioning the to-do word trivialized the idea & doesn't describe the idea very well.

      How about if it has a time tracker, offers integration with CRM or a service like zapier, provides suggestions for places nearby to work from ??

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    I could use it if UX and design will be catchy and really great. Otherwise i don't know, even with special features.

    Good luck :)

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      Can you give me some examples ?

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