May 21, 2019

#ideafeedback This is not software related but an actual product focus on outdoorsy people. Would you buy it?

Vez Onn @vez1132

I was thinking of making a pre-packaged kit that contained presized amount of toilet paper, toilet seat cover and travel size hand sanitizer. If you're a camper like I am or outdoorsy person who wants to be prepared when nature comes calling, would you buy this kit? This kit will be small, compact and multiple kits can be stored in your backpack or tent.

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    I think on something like this you could build pretty high converting paid ad campaigns, esp if you played a bit with edginess/humor. Targeted FB/IG ads with video that had a bit of viral potentiality could do well.

    I second the litter container idea. When I camp I always have TP/hand sani but for folks that are a little less serious about it I bet you could sell a few. Would also look at branding it in a way that it could be a cheap add-on gift/stocking stuffer. Maybe you could do pink ones and camo ones. I can’t imagine these would sell for more than $4-5 dollars so you are looking for lowest common denominator impulse buys and hopefully a bit of virality. If this were to take off it will be impossible to defend from comps so branding will be crucial.

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      Hey @NickC thanks for the awesome feedback. $4-5 bucks was exactly the range I was thinking. That'll give me enough margin to do wholesale also where I can hopefully get into outdoor retailers like REI and Bass Pro Shops. I love the idea of pitching it as a stocking stuffer too.

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    As somebody who runs a profitable side-business of selling products on Amazon - here are a few pointers which you may not be aware of:

    • This might be a good idea, but do you due diligence

    • Check if similar products are selling on Amazon (use something like Jungle Scout or Unicorn Smasher to estimate how much the competition is selling on Amazon)

    • If you don't have any direct competitors on Amazon, this might be bad news

    • This would mean that you're creating a new niche (a new small market) and you'd have to invest considerable efforts in advertising and finding where your customers hang out online (so you can target them with ads)

    • If the competition does exist on Amazon for example, this could be good news, it means there are existing customers

    • You can also use tools to estimate how much people are actually searching for your product (if it's a niche that exists) to make sure people are actually looking for it online (again, to avoid having to target them with ads)

    • If competition does exist, just make sure they're not not well-established and that you have something unique about your product that would make people want to buy your product over the competition

    Feel free to message me or reply here, I'd love to help. Selling stuff online is not that simple but also not difficult once you understand it. Blunders can cost a lot of money so you need to watch out, do your due diligence, and not be naive about it.

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      Hey @gballas I'm looking for a mentor that will help me get started selling on Amazon and Ebay. Wanted to reach out to you first. I see a lot of these guys online charging fees for books, downloads, seminars, etc. because they've made a ton of money but it all sounds fake to me. I want to work with somebody directly without feeling like I'm being fooled. What do you think? Are you interested in mentoring me? I'd love to one day put up an interview on here about the success we had. If you don't have time, can you recommend some good resources where the information is legit and not some other source of revenue for someone? Thanks.

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        Hey man, hope you're doing well. Personally I didn't once pay for a course and I know a lot of other guys who are successful without having taken a paid course. Others on the other hand swear by them. I guess it comes down to how much of an independent learner you are. But in my opinion, a lot of these gurus (even the very famous ones) are charlatans and give out advice that is out of date (applicable to the market 4-5 years ago but not today). One exception is definitely Tim Sanders of Private Label Masters. I haven't paid for any of his courses and I don't think you have to either if you're willing to dig online enough. He is actually a very successful seller as well as a mentor. I'm not the freest these days, but you're always welcome to ask me questions. wish this site had private messages... comment your email address instead?

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          Thanks for getting back to me @gballas I'm finding a lot of useful content on Jungle Scout and they appear to have the most tools for someone to be successful. I think I might sign up for their service.

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      Hey @gballas I can't thank you enough for you input. This is great. I'm going to do some research and hopefully get a kit going soon. I've always dreamt of becoming a seller on Amazon or having my own e-commerce store. I think you may have just tipped to scales over. Thank you and I will definitely reach out for more advice. I hope you don't mind.

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        My pleasure :)

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          Hey @gballas quick question about Amazon FBA. I plan on building a couple dozen kits and using FBA to test the demand. These kits are going to be packaged in plastic pouches. Do you know if I need to package those kits in boxes first before shipping them to Amazon? Also, do you know if they require an actual business formation to be created or can you utilize FBA under some generic name?

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            hey there :) you don't need an actual business when starting out, just sign up (I don't remember, I think there's an initial sign-up fee when signing up to FBA) and you can start shipping products to their centers. however, they're more strict on how stuff needs to be shipped to their centers. it of course needs to be inside boxes and labeled correctly (it's confusing at first but it's easy once you get it). a lot of chinese manufacturers are aware of amazon's regulations so they can help you with that. here's a guide I found about their regulations (there are many others as well):

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              Thanks. This is very helpful.

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    With a litter container (preferably something compressable to save space) it would be a pretty great product.

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      This is actually a great idea @hkanaktas I'll have to do a little more research on this. Thanks for the input.