IdeaGuide: 80+ ways to come up with ideas

Hi everyone!

I finished my first info product in 2021, and it's called IdeaGuide.

2 years ago I started writing down all my ideas and I read as much about creativity as I could (because it's a really interesting topic).

Around that time I started building side projects (aka indie hacking), although I always lacked the discipline to stick to only one project (when it comes to growing and marketing, I'm a newbie).
So I felt that my only "advantage" here right now is creativity and coming up with ideas. And I turned this knowledge of mine into a database, containing more than 80+ ways to come up with business and product ideas.

This is a sample of the database if you're interested:

I'm willing to give away the whole list for free to anyone in exchange of giving me some kind of feedback (it doesn't have to be a long comment or essay, just an honest opinion).

So if you're interested in this product after checking the sample, comment below or reach out to me on Twitter (DMs are open at @OctopyD) and I will gladly send you the link of the whole database for free.

(This is not a f*cked up way to get leads or sell you something, I just want a few people's feedback.)

  1. 2

    Looks interesting! Would like to see the full list if possible — I'll DM you

    1. 1

      Nice! Will send it to you in a sec! Thanks, Marcel. :)

  2. 1

    Hi @octopy_design !
    I like the sample so far, would it be possible to send me the database ?
    I will be happy to provide feedback :)

    I currently run a project management tool, and am looking for inspiration for future projects !

    Keep up the good work 👌

    1. 1

      Yes of course!
      Can I DM it to you on Twitter or would you tell me your email?

      Thanks in advance! :)

      1. 1

        Sure, I just contacted you !

        Thanks :)

          1. 2

            Finished reading. I appreciated the content and learned a couple of new things. Thanks for sharing!

            1. 1

              I'm glad and thank You for taking the time to read it!

              Have a nice one. :)

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