Ideal front end? react? blazor?

Hey there - I'm looking for some front end framework suggestions.

Context: a while ago we launched embeddable audio chat (for businesses) - it's like intercom but audio or links that go to an audio call via browser.

I've been wanting to put together a product for team collaboration - we love trello, but we also love audio notes., our various comm apps have notes all over the place., so I'm thinking of building a simple trello like tool that can link to stuff + add voice notes (in a trello board, attached to cards).

I'm biased and used aspnet core with razor + bootstrap + JS., with ajax., but its a bit hacky. I'm thinking of going with something like react., or trying out blazor.. while keeping the API (.net) as is.

Any suggestions or things to look out for on react vs blazor? or something else?

p.s. we tried vuejs in the past. and it was likely the wrong use for it., but we messed it up pretty bad, super slow and large dependency on SSR.

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    Blazor is really nice to use and if you’re .net devs then you’ll feel righty at home. Downside is that it’s really new technology and doesn’t have a great numbers of libraries that support it yet. Also, there’s a few big changes coming as a part of .net6 so you should be aware of that 😊

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      One more issue is the Blazor client mode WASM runtime size (not for the serverside Blazor) The last time I checked it was almost 2mb WASM download on the first load.

      Lack of modules and this runtime size are the only problemes I see with Blazor. Application development time with Blazor is very very less compared to React.

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        I think they’ve fixed that as a part of .net6. Or at least massively reduced it

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          Happy to hear that.

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      Thanks! Will give it a go - I’ve been putting off blazor mostly because of the number of times I’ve been burnt by MS.

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    If you want to see what an entire project management system looks like in React our front end https://github.com/Uclusion/uclusion_web_ui is public.

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      This is pretty cool, clean Ui (and code).

      We’re def not going to build something as comprehensive as this, the focus will be a sync/async tool for early collaboration focusing on breaking down ideas. Likely something for teams of 3-15 (max) :) there are some great tools that do the more complicated stuff, and I don’t love project management that much lol.

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        No matter the team size nobody wants to move onto a project management system that doesn't meet their full use case. If your tool is geared towards collaboration then that's the same as Uclusion and it's the harder part - Jira doesn't even allow replying to a comment.

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    You should definitely go for React.

    In fact, you can leverage this project, and customise it a bit to get a head-start.

    Check out the tutorial:

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