Growth October 29, 2020

Ideas to grow yet another remote job board?


Hi everyone!
I launched a remote job board recently but have no idea how to grow it. I need your ideas or references how to promote similar sites.

I understand there are two types of users: employers and employees, but how to attract them, especially employees?

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    Thank you everyone for your comments! They are helpful to me.I really appreciate that. Here is the site ->

    1. There is no payment for job post
    2. No need to register to make a post
    3. Currently it is scraping indeed and github

    My thoughts on promoting:

    1. differentiator - i did not think about it much. My suggestion about that is if the market is growing then no one can take all the share at once. There are going to be many players holding a share. In this case i'm talking about the remote job search niche. And i think it sounds good to narrow the niche even further.
    2. differentiator - blogging about remote work and developers career development - unique content may differentiate i guess

    what do you think about hiring a marketer? could he/she develop a reasonable strategy or it is a waste of time at early stage?

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    That is awesome. Best of luck on your venture!

    I worked a job board for several years. It is hard, and kicking off a new board is a chicken-and-egg problem; recruiters/employers won't post if there are no candidates and candidates won't come if no jobs. The only thing that attracts a recruiter/employer is lots of "qualified" job-seeking candidates.

    I suggest you:

    • Scrape company website for jobs or do unscalable things like manually post the jobs yourself.
    • Find the niche. If you're going to be generic jobs why would anyone go there when Indeed or LinkedIn have ever job. What is different about your offering? Focus on a particular job segment. And don't do generic tech - there are a million of those. Do something like Clojure jobs.
    • Track - Everything! Track visits, clicks, applied for jobs, etc. This will be attractive for recruiters/employers. Again, if you have a Clojure site, you can go to companies looking for Clojure developers and show how you own that segment.
    • Make it easy to post jobs. Companies and recruiters already have LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter. They are not going to add on another job board to maintain, so you need to make it easy for them to post. Hook up with ATSs (greenhouse, lever), take feeds, take a CSV file, or just tell them you'll ingest (manually type or screen scrape). Don't make them do the work, because they won't.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    Not sure what you already tried to grow it. Two party platforms/communities are really hard to grow obviously.

    As @innov8or already wrote I would focus on the employer first. I would promote that the first job an employer is posting is free to get some jobs on the board(perhaps its free anyway -don't know your product).

    Then you can message HR people on LinkedIn. Tell them about the chance to hire people and it costs them nothing (first post free).

    In general I guess you have thought about some differentiator that makes your job board better than other. You should leverage that. But as you have not written what it is, it is hard to tell what to do.

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    Commercial communities follow the money. Does eBay focus on the buyer or the seller firstly? The buyer, because they are bringing the money.

    Next question is why should an employer use your platform to risk their money to hire someone? That answer will be the foundation to growing.

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