Landing Page Feedback February 13, 2020

Identity and landing page for a leading distributed ledger services provider

Iurii Gurzhii @IuriiGurzhii

We met Sean Hoge, Managing Partner of Genesis Block, at the Blockchain Forum in San Francisco, and quickly found we shared the same enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The Genesis Block team were seeking a partner who could deliver a new website for them that accurately reflected their ethos of combining the dependability, industry access, and regulatory expertise of providing distributed ledger services with the flexibility, speed, and customer-centricity of a startup.

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I'm hoping for some more great landing page feedback from the community 🙏

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    Wow really nice job guys. Those animations are sick. So much so I don't think I read much of the text at all. I kept playing with the animations, scrolling up and down until I reached the end and had no idea what the business does lol. So I'd be wary of that. Other than that, very cool looking website. Good luck!