March 30, 2019

If we remade google inbox, would you use it?

Jeremy @Grendorf

Google Inbox going is crushing. My friend accidentally pushed Go To Gmail the other day and she has been lamenting ever since. So, I wanted to see how much opportunity there would be to re-create it and have it live on without google wanting to crush it. So, I made a survey, would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Google has already showcased a newer version of gmail with inbox features, bound to come soon. I am not trying to kill the buzz. Its just that once google releases the new version, similar products will cease.

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    Thank you all for the feedback, got some great information, but it was also clear from the responses that people aren't really willing to pay for inbox. So, it doesn't seem like a good project for me to move forward on. :( Hopefully google improves gmail soon.

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      There are lots of gmail add-ons that people do pay for though.

      My 2 cents: I'd look into CRM add-ons and things like which are arguably less-ambitious than what you were thinking of, and seem to be very popular.

      There are also certified mail add-ons that "prove" an email was sent and read.

      IMHO There's a ton that still needs to be done in the CRM sphere. is pretty cool but IMHO it's not there yet. And a version with a $5 pricepoint would probably crush it.

      And even a direct competitor to mailtrack would probably be pretty successful. My guess is that market has a long, long way to go before it's saturated. And business people are always willing to pay more than home users.

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        Thank you Bangkokian. This is an extremely awesome comment. Really makes me feel supported in the community. :D

        Potentially someone else will jump in on your ideas, unfortunately this was really specific for me to google inbox as a side project since I am already running something profitable full time. But I am definitely going to explore these other options for myself.

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    I'll switch to Gmail and Google Calendar when Google Inbox shuts down. Any Google Inbox replacement must be rock solid, more useful to me than Gmail, and from a business I have reason to trust.

    Here are a few problems I've found with the "new" Gmail and Google Calendar.

    Google calendar reminders: can't be searched, can't be associated with a specific calendar (for hiding), and don't appear in the Gmail calendar sidebar's schedule view.

    Google calendar events can't be marked done. You can't even reassign the event to a "Done" calendar. You have to duplicate it to a Done calendar and then delete the original. Frustrating when you want to keep a record of completed tasks.

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    Filled it out. While the gmail mobile app now allows combined mail accounts in one view, there's no way to show it on the browser version (afaik). I'm longing for an official gmail mac app that shows multiple accounts in one list.

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