Ideas and Validation October 18, 2020

If you had a newsfeed / dashboard for yourself - what would you like to see in it?


So, I am working on a mini product for the last few weekends. The idea is to allow users to create dashboards/newsfeeds for themselves.

What I have added so far is support for is giving users an email to subscribe to newsletters and stuff, and their emails come up.

Need a few more ideas on what else I can add here.

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    Actually, one thing I currently need is a dashboard to consolidate all my affiliate revenue information.

    Right now I use several different systems and it's a pain in the ass to login to each one of them separately and see how things are performing.

    If you'd like to discuss specifics, and which platforms I use, feel free to email me via my IH profile mail link.

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    My financial health, with one big box showing me when my money will run out.

    PS. I'm already doing this manually :)

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      I am thinking this can be done via programmable widgets in the dashboard - so that if the user logs into their bank from there, I can show them some pre calculated stats or have some custom formula support.

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        Yeah, a menu of widgets to choose from would be nice.

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