If you had your dream job, would you be happy?

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    "Dream job" is an oxymoron.

    That's like saying ideal labor; no labor is ideal.

    People should strive to have a dream life, a dream existence, and obviously a job that helps them get there while getting in the way of that as little as possible.

    The point in the article to learn to be happy is important, but ultimately we can't control how we emote to things, especially when we know they aren't ideal.

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      I agree that it's an oxymoron.

      In my past I've had two "dream jobs" and they both ultimately sucked and made me very unhappy. One was playing guitar for a living (and i mean actually doing it for a living, under contract with a major label and touring the world etc) and then after that was working in rock and metal media organisation as a software professional.

      As I said, both sucked ass. "Dream Job" isn't a thing.

      CAVEAT: The closest I think anyone can get to this is starting and running their own company.

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        Anything done out of financial necessity isn't a "dream" in any sense of the word, no matter how much it aligns with our passion.

        And that includes running our own company.

        But it's the lesser evil for sure.

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    A Dream Job can make you happy. Happiness overall is the satisfaction in all important fields of life. You CAN be much more happier than the business owner you are working for.

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