If you haven't enabled this yet on your Stripe dashboard, you should 🤞

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    Update: Goal achieved! ██████████ 100% 🎉

    25 new companies have enabled Stripe Climate, and are contributing at least 1% of their revenue towards fighting climate change and removing carbon from the atmosphere. 🙌

    Thanks to all the Indie Hackers here who participated: @DanHulton, @brendana, @avigoldman, @HugoMontenegro, @tillkruss, @marvindanig, @abinaya, @yhdesai, @benediktdeicke, @uibreakfast, @bertrandbruandet, @coreygriffin, @jonnyplatt, @eelcoj, and @Sheepp! ❤️

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      I enabled Stripe Climate

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      I think we can do 100.

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        This is awesome, nice work @mijustin and Transistor team.

        Agreed @tillkruss, there are 75 companies here on @TeamIH alone who could help make it happen!

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    Folks, consider doing more than 1% as well, if you can.

    I know everyone's margins are different, so that might be asking too much for some. But a lot of us are lucky enough to have great margins because we build software. Do it for your kids (and everyone else's, too).

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    Just joined! I'm with @tillkruss, let's get to 100

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    Thanks for the nudge. I've added it.

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    Enabled for Music for Makers when Stripe launched the feature. Love how easy they made it.

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