If you roast it, I'm roasting every little piece of your page and product 👿

After a couple weeks of research, I have decided to start building my private community for indie product makers, founders, indie hackers, and online entrepreneurs. I'm building it differently than most communities, from the values to what's being offered. So I tried to bring my vision for our community out on the landing page.

Here's it -- https://www.join.coulf.com/ the waitlist is open so if you get the value I'm trying to bring, it's worth signing up for.

Now, that said, don't be mean and I'll give constructive feedback and my opinion about your product/page.

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      Thanks, I'll personally reach out at launch 👁‍🗨 for an email. I signed up for lvrsnfrnds lol. You guys 🔥 curating the signups.

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    Hey there 🙋‍♂️, I complied some feedback for you. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Under normal circumstances - How likely is it that you would have closed the tab already after a few seconds? Usually, a visitor of a websites decides in 5 seconds if they want to stay a bit longer or not.

    [x] very likely
    [ ] I'm not sure
    [ ] not likely

    Why is that 🔝?

    • The design looks broken. I'm not sure where to look. The headline did not catch me - I don't understand what this means and I wouldn't take the extra step to read the following paragraph.

    Is the overall design appealing to you? A well designed product or service is the first thing we notice. It does not to be fancy to impress. Often less is more.

    [ ] I don't like it at all
    [x] It's not great
    [ ] It's OK-ish
    [ ] It's pretty neat
    [ ] I love it

    Anything in particular that you like / dislike from the design aspect?

    • Well, right now it just looks broken (at least on large screens in chrome). Typeface and colors are totally fine though.
      But I miss at least one image, screenshot or photo that would underline what this is all about.

    Is it clear to you what the service / product does? One of the hardest thing to do is clearly communicating what a service or product does and why it is relevant to the user.

    [ ] Not clear at all
    [x] I'm not sure
    [ ] I think I know
    [ ] Yes, could be clearer though
    [ ] Yes. Absolutely!

    What could be clearer?

    • only by reading the subtitle paragraph I understood that the purpose of this is to build an audience. But I don't know how it should help me - or what my benefits would be from joining it.

    In your own words: what is the purpose of the Service / Product? What is it offering? It's super important to learn how others would describe or rephrase the project's purpose.

    • A community of entrepreneurs. With benefits

    Do you feel being in the target audience?

    [ ] Absolutely not
    [ ] Most likely not
    [x] I have no idea / maybe
    [] Well, kind of
    [ ] Hell Yes!

    🔝 Why do you think so?

    • I'd consider myself an entrepreneurial person. But as i mentioned earlier: I have no idea why I would join and what it actually offers.

    General comments and questions for you

    • You need to make me want to join this community. A headline, a paragraph and a signup field is not enough.
    • Ask yourself: how do you plan to attract and "convert" people?

    If - at one point - you are looking to grow your audience, may I suggest trying out AudieBox (https://audiebox.com)?
    It's a tool to get notified when someone is actively talking about the problem space you've build a solution for.

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      You are hugely helpful. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

      I do agree it needs more work on the design and copy, it's just that I'm not focusing on that and rather focusing on building resources that would help my first few members. Tbh I didn't work on its business plan as I don't see this as a business but as a means to work with other founders, but you're right if I'm building internally and not really bringing our value to the public, it won't mean anything.

      Are you building Audiobox? It has a neat display of its feature set and use case. Pricing sections doesn't convey when the trial ends, like 14 days, 30 days? So tracking destinations are pre-selected or do I get to enter the website and track from there, like type problemspace.com (eg) and track any mentions there?

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      No-code website builders 😴 will correct the design.
      Edit: after looking at that blank space for a while I feel like it goes along well, isn't it?

      I just realized you didn't add your product link to get roasted.

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        This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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          You do get tools that'll help you build products, it's a surprise present. Only a small part on the page talks about it, if you scroll down I even said, in the future I'll stop talking about free tools because that really isn't the focus and I don't want anyone to join for that but for the conversation.

          Well even if no one joins, that isn't the case as I get signups, but if, I'd still be there building resources, having 1:1 sessions to the next person that joins, I'd still document my work there and so on. There's just no way you become a product here, but with makers pushing the boundaries of audiences and communities, I do see where this is coming from.

          Not-a-mean roast coming up...

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            This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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              You were not mean at all, I was just referring to this Roast but don't be mean :confused:

              How does this work actually? Are you displaying the search results but with subscribe count?

              Assuming yes to my question above, Find the subscribers of popular Substack newsletters Your headline is clear otherwise. It'll be nice if it had some tips to grow my subscribers or maybe a one-liner strategy on how a newsletter grew near its search result.

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                This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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                  Keyword reports are better and how long the newsletter been up, how many newsletters been sent out also might do a ton of help here.

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      I'll get nothing except the community.

      That's what I want you to sign up for but that's not all. By keeping the community small we get to have accountability sessions with members, which is something I don't have but need it, I'm building it by sensing the need here, mine specifically. Plus, you get access to tools and I'll go to the ends of earth to get you product discounts from other founders without me getting paid for it, most communities simply pass affiliate links anyway. Nothing of such kind is intended here, just for gold old discussions and some perks.

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      I'll become your product

      This is the one thing that won't ever happen here. You actually join the waitlist now, I'll only open up access when it becomes something that I would pay for. I don't intend to charge early members in any way, so trying to integrate with membership platforms where one can lock prices (i.e free).

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