March 28, 2019

If your code base and team grows, you might want to dive into code reviews...

Michaela @Madamdo

If you just started out, code reviews might not cross your mind. But, as your code base and team grows, code reviews are a software practice you might want to explore.

Have a dive into how one of the largest software companies uses code reviews to ensure software quality.

Here is my article on Microsoft's code review practices: … …

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    You'd first have to have a team of at least 2 devs... which most bootstrappers and solopreneurs don't 😅

    But hey, that's an interesting idea: a service that connects solo technical founders so that they can do code-reviews for each other.

    1. 1

      this looks like spam :/

    2. 1

      Sure. As a solo-founder, I currently miss code review feedback from my peers...

      There are already services like that:

      But I love the idea of it, as well.

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