March 28, 2019

If your code base and team grows, you might want to dive into code reviews...

If you just started out, code reviews might not cross your mind. But, as your code base and team grows, code reviews are a software practice you might want to explore.

Have a dive into how one of the largest software companies uses code reviews to ensure software quality.

Here is my article on Microsoft's code review practices: … …

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    You'd first have to have a team of at least 2 devs... which most bootstrappers and solopreneurs don't 😅

    But hey, that's an interesting idea: a service that connects solo technical founders so that they can do code-reviews for each other.

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      this looks like spam :/

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      Sure. As a solo-founder, I currently miss code review feedback from my peers...

      There are already services like that:

      But I love the idea of it, as well.