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IH became unusable. Spam, slow and buggy. Any IH alternative?

Alex Ershov @aershov

First time here since 2019. IH became unusable. Spam all around, slow and buggy. Anyone building IH competitor with good moderation and UI?

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    Indie Hackers is far from unusable.

    The community is great and folks like @rosiesherry are doing a great job with spam.

    I can't even imagine how much spam they get daily.

    At the moment there isn't a community even close when it comes to activeness and helpfulness.

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      I agree with this.

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      I agree. The community is great! Way better than anywhere else, actually.

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      Out of the multiple communities I frequent, IH is by far my favorite and the one I tell all my friends to join

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        Likewise, I recommend it multiple times a week.

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      +1 IH has been perfectly fine tbh

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    Hmm, the website shouldn't be any slower or spammier than it was last year. At least the metrics I track around that stuff haven't changed for the worse.

    Also, what bugs are you referring to that interfere with the core experience of using IH?

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      Dude you are so zen, I would get crazy if someone used my site to ask around if there is a better alternative to my site! :D

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      Respect for replying to this pretty unfair post.

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      I actually have been experiencing a lot of additional slowness over the past 24 hours or so. In all honesty, I've just assumed it was due to people having more time to spend on here over the holiday weekend.

      I don't feel like I've experienced any bugs that interfere with the core experience of IH. I do actually have one feature question, however. I see other products have verified traffic information, but when I try to set that up for my product I get the message "This is feature is temporarily disabled while we work out a few kinks." Any insight into when this feature would be available for my product?

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      Actually one bug I do get often is /new taking ages to load, or it uses cloudflare cache and says page offline.

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      On mobile at least, Android on Chrome, there are multiple page refreshes where it just shows the quote loading page, until it loads fully. The site generally feels slow on mobile for me at least. What's the tech stack, I can help out potentially.

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    What spam? I come on here every day and never see any spam. Have never experienced any bugs or sluggishness either. My only gripe is no dedicated mobile app :D

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      Yeah, I sort of gave up using it on my mobile (mid-range Android) but never experienced spam or bugs of any sort.

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      I don’t agree with OP whatsoever but if you’re on iPhone I’ve got a native IH app you could try.

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        I tried moon a while back and loved the UI, the big downside was not being able to respond to posts. Any plans to introduce that? :)

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          Doh! I thought I recognized your name but wasn't super sure lol. Well thanks for trying it out and yep I'm working on posting/commenting/voting from Moon right now actually. Its admittedly been a long time coming so hopefully when its ready you're still interested 🤞😄

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            Cool, please let me know when it's live. I loved the UI in the app and that was the key thing that was missing.

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    Is it some kind of marketing tactics to promote some IH alternative which will be revealed later?

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      I guess that too.

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    I find it totally a joy to use and hardly find any spam in here. Whoever is moderating and maintaining this site seems to be doing a great job. I was actually rather surprised to read this message.

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    Looks like you are going to promote another service and your strategy is good. But tactically I would not recommend to start with direct blaming. Let me explain: when you want to start something new it is good to choose a right competitor, but please find another things related to the real weaknesses. and how are bugs and slowness related to the quality of the content (the main thing)?

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    Been using it for a year. Works fine for me. How are you getting spam?

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    Genuinely being objective here: I haven't encountered slowness/bugs since coming back from a hiatus. I also don't see any blatant spam, either.

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    The moderation of IH is honestly the best I have ever seen on any forum. This doesn’t resonate with me whatsoever.

    The slowness: I would have agreed a year ago but is has always been improving and is definitely useable.

    Bugs? Some small low priority ones for sure but nothing inhibiting a good experience.

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    I haven't seen any spam yet. But the website is slow, or I don't know if it's the SPA UI that's causing this illusion🤷🏼‍♀️

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    This reads like an ad

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    Yup, IH is overrun with spammy posts looking to stir a discussion for the karma points. It's awful. Let's delete all such posts immediately.

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    Overall I find the IH community to be an amazing place where I can find support and inspiration from other people in the same boat as me. But having said that, I guess it depends on your definition of spam, but I've noticed more recently too.

    The two types of spam I see are:

    1. people name-dropping their product at every single opportunity. This forum shouldn't be seen as a direct customer acquisition channel and if you view it as that then you have a clear conflict of interest, in which case yes, I see your posts as spammy.

    2. people posting miracle success stories to drum up interest about their app (or seed backlinks or whatever silly tactic they are trying). I'm talking about people with sparse posting history who come in here to post milestones that their app noone has ever heard of is making millions of dollars.

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    I like how you engage people around your post! 😈

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    The post load is slow for me in android with firefox mobile, but I will not stop using it and I will not stop reading everything on this great community, It's worth it and asking for alternatives here is very rude. He is probably going to promote his alternative later in a comment with a different user.

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    I haven't experienced any performance issues. The only glitch that pops up for me is getting logged out after a few hours.

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