April 7, 2019

IH Introduce: feedback hunter

Hello! My name is Rodion and I am founder of the feedback hunter.

Feedback hunter is landing/product page pitch and feedback platform.

The main problem of getting review now - it is hard, to get really useful feedback. You usually faced to low-quality/quantity reviews or services with high coast.

The main goal of our platform is to provide value for both startup owners and reviewers.

Publications listing is rating based. But, instead of likes and dislikes it simply asks main question of all landing/product pages. "Is message clear for you?".
And you need to select few key questions, not just drop a wall of text.

It provides startup owners, with some basic analytics about reviewers (like industry user related to (user provide one during registration process))

In the near future, this could be a great catalog with examples of good landing pages in various niches.

The platform itself almost done (minor things left, like email handling, analytics connect). And will be released next week.

We decided, to pre-release it here. For some bootstrap publishes/reviewers.

For more info, about how it works and subscription to the beta-announce list: https://mailchi.mp/886aca63dad4/feedback_hunter_pre_release_signup

If you got an idea or some thoughts, feel free to contact me in comments section or through email [email protected]

As you may already noticed, i am not fluent in english. And searching for a help of the native speaker. To format some sentences on our site.
Of course we will provide you with some useful paid features at our site in the future :)
If you interested, please, feel free to contact me: "[email protected]" with topic "English help".