IH invite system is broken

Hey IH,

I noticed a week ago that every day my invitations were doubling, am I the only one who has this problem? is it a bug or normal ?

If anyone wants an invitation for his friends tell me 😂


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    Me, it's rather the opposite. I'm raking up points and followers but no invite codes till now. I need to invite 3 codes to bring some friends onboard.

    1. 2

      Yeah this is a bit of a mystery to me too

      1. 1

        Seen. Thanks Matteo!

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    This should be fixed now!

    The goal is for you to get a number of invite codes equal to the number of people you've successfully invited, once you've invited more than 3 people.

    Also, you have to be a member for 30 days to start getting any codes, which is why some of you who are active haven't gotten any codes yet. I just relaxed that to 14 days. I'll probably keep relaxing things as time goes on. I started off with super conservative limits because I wanted to make sure we killed off the spammers, but things are looking pretty good nowadays in terms of spam.

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      That was fast ! It’s good to have a very closed community only on invitation in my opinion you should keep the limit pretty high.

      Did you have support/report email to contact if we see other bug/breach ? Make a public post is not the best way to report a critical bug.

      PS: RIP to all the invite code i sent 😥

      1. 3

        I just gave you a few extras.

        Public posts like this in #Meta are actually the best way to report bugs on IH at the moment. Emailing me will likely accomplish very little, but public posts like this will get lots of people pinging and emailing me, which is great.

        1. 1

          Thanks for the extras invite 😇

    2. 1

      Thanks for your invite codes for my team and myself in the "conservative days" :-)

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      Is there any post or article about rules regarding invite codes? I'm asking, because I do not have any. I don't plan to invite someone, but in case I would like to have such possibility. My personal side note - when I created account on Stackoverlow, I thought that their rules are very strict - can't comment without reputation and so on, but they allow posting. Now on indiehackers is even more strict - you can't create account to try publish something, it's hard to get invitation, because it's hard to get codes. I see a big glitch here.

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      Your explanation sure gives us a sneak peek into the process. Thanks for jumping in, @csallen

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      When you introduced invites, you said one would get them for posts, but not for comments. Have you thought about giving them out for comments, too? That’s where the most interesting discussions take place and I just don’t enjoy posting. If I’m active, I’m active writing comments.

      1. 2

        You do get them for comments now too 😇

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    I am having the opposite problem, looking to invite some people and still don't have any codes...

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      I'm in the same situation. I've been around for a year (I think before the invite system existed), and I don't have any codes!

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    I didn't realize IH was invite-based. I'm pretty sure I just signed up a couple of years ago. Looks like things have changed!

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      Things are changing for the better, it adds exclusivity 😄

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        It is forcing me to stop being such a lurker since my friend wants an invite haha.

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          Same here! I'm super active on IH as a lurker and I don't want to spam comments just to get invite codes lol

      2. 1

        haha, for sure! I'm all for it.

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    thanks for the heads up — we're fixing this now

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    Huh, interesting.

    I've just noticed, I have 66, and a couple of days ago (last time I checked) I had 9 or 10.

  7. 2

    Yeah, I have 189 now 😄

    Maybe they want to us to promote IH more? Not sure if anyone ever used up all their invite codes, I'd never need more than 5.

    1. 1

      I wouldn't mind at all if you could share 5 codes with me 😄. Need to invite some friends to join IH.

    2. 1

      Maybe but don't give this much invite code or just reopen the inscription without invite code

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    I must admit 57 points is a good result, too. Your comments must be really helpful to others. Teach me :-)

  9. 1

    Also drowning in invite codes so if anyone needs one feel free to DM/email me.

    1. 1

      Update, they're almost all gone :(

      Still have a few though so if you come across this still give it a shot

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    Send me an Invite, spread the love 😂

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      Open you twitter dm i send you one 😄

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