IH login a bit choppy lately?

For the last couple of week when I load a page, and try to comment/vote... it redirect me to login, but if I go back and refresh I'm already logged in and it works... (I think just refreshing works without the redirect if I bother looking up first to see the missing profile image..)
Also from login page, why not go back to the page before?...

Is that just me or other people as well?
(both web and mobile)

  1. 3

    I have problems with login, but also in my feed people's profile pictures are blank.

  2. 2

    Yeah, I've encountered this several times.
    And "Following" section has stopped working for probably more than 1 month :(

    1. 1

      I guess Following works, not showing the badge counter anymore.

      1. 2

        You are correct. Since I didn't see the badge counter, I didn't try :)
        (it was broken before, you would click it and it would do nothing)

  3. 1

    Can't reproduce myself. Anyone mind showing me a Loom?

    1. 2

      Try clicking "Vote" before loading progress bar is done

  4. 1

    also having this issue

  5. 1

    I guess IH members are growing more than expected so admins are busy with updating 😆

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