Meetups May 27, 2019

IH Madrid Meetup #2: Meet & Greet

The Gurus (Pedro & David) @tuegurus

Hi IHs,

We are organizing the second IH meetup in Madrid. It will follow the Meet & Greet format. It will be a perfect opportunity to know each other and talk about our projects and ideas.

If you are in Madrid by May 30 (next Thursday), we will be meeting at Calandria bar, in the heart of Malasaña neighborhood at 19:00h.

Meetup link:

As good IH, we also made a landing page for Madrid IH Meetup with relevant information. In case you want to check it out and be updated for upcoming events, please visit:

Landing page:

See you next Thursday!

David & Pedro (The Gurus)


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    Thanks for organizing the meet up in Madrid! Hope there's a next one, as I won't be able to attend on May 30th :'(