Meetups May 29, 2020

IH Marketing Online Meetup with Harry Dry 🔥

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey everyone.

I'm scheming online meetups. We've done a couple so far and they've been fab.

Next one up is focused on the theme of marketing. And I've twisted @harrydry's arm to come along and host it with me.

It will be on Tuesday 9th of June at 8pm London time.

There will be moi and Harry. Then room for 10 others. We want to keep it small because I believe small is powerful. 😊

We will have one hour to talk about all things marketing. You can raise questions when you sign up or there will be the option to raise them on the day.

This will not be recorded.


Sign up here ( 🙏 only if you truly are able to attend please!)

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    That was wicked. Thank you @rosiesherry + @harrydry... I'm really enjoying these.

    Also, folks might be interested in IndieWorldwide's meetups, which @AntCas runs. I've attended one + had a great time (mix of 'group' meetup and 1:1 meets using Hopin) -> event #3 just announced

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      Cheers Jas!

      Nice to chat one step closer to real life!

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      Thanks for the shoutout Jas :D

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    i signed up, but, if someone's dying to get in, i can give it up! sounds amazing!

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    awesome! i'm in 🙌

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    Damn, missed it! 😞

    Is there a waiting list?! 😁 Put me on there please!

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    Amazing idea, but all seats are taken so I can't get in...

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    I missed the boat but please put me on the cancellations list if you have one!

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    I signed up :)

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    Amazing @rosiesherry ! Signed up and can't wait.

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    Registered - can't wait!

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    Great. Registered.

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    Are you recording & sharing these anywhere? Could be cool to watch them even if you don't attend in real time!

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      Nope, sorry. It is intentionally small and private.

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        Okay - the timezone/time clashes unfortunately with my work

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          Hopefully we can do another one in the future, what times work best for you?

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            For me anytime after 4PM EST :( I know it's not easy but if you have a theme that can be done in an afternoon U.S. timezone - please @ me so I can see it!

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    This looks amazing @rosiesherry