Meetups October 21, 2019

IH Meetup Idea: Discuss Tweets

Daniel Segal @segzz

This month I hosted a really fun Meetup in Sydney. I printed out a bunch of @IndieHackers tweets and read them out loud, one at a time. After each one, we would spend 5-10 mins discussing that tweet. They included:

What do you think the future looks like for indie hackers?
How do you charge more?
What are you working on this month?

After the meetup a bunch of attendees messaged me to say how engaging this particular meetup was.

Here's a google doc link if anyone wants to use this idea at your meetup:

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    Hey Daniel! Thanks for sharing this unique meetup idea. Super glad everyone found it engaging.

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    Oh wow, that's so cool. I wrote those Tweets!

    I have a list of Tweets that I've posted, I also have a list of upcoming ones. Maybe there's an opportunity to share/use those too?