Meetups May 29, 2020

IH Online No Code Meetup with Bram Kanstein

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey everyone.

I'm scheming online meetups. We've done a couple so far and they've been fab.

This one is on the theme of no code and we have @bramk joining as a co-host.

It will be on Tuesday 16th of June at 8pm London time.

We will use Whereby and it won't be recorded.

There will be moi and Bram. Then room for 10 others. We want to keep it small because I believe small is powerful. 😊

We will have one hour to talk about all things indie hacking + no code. You can raise questions when you sign up or there will be the option to raise them on the day.


Sign up here ( 🙏 only if you truly are able to attend please!)

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    See you there!

    I included how I'm struggling wiht the design of a Bubble app, so curious how to approach making the design -- the app functions but it needs some design help!

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    Count me in.

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      Whoop! :)

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    This looks fantastic @rosiesherry. I know @fullreign might be interested in this one too!