Meetups May 29, 2020

IH Pitch Competition?

Andrew @wrannaman

I think it would be fun to do an IH only pitch competition.


  • 5 minute pitches


  • unsure. Could be the weekend of the 6th. We can see what seems to work best for the startups participating.

I think we could do 10 startups (50 minutes) and then 10 minutes to vote for a total of 1 hour.

Voting would be open only after all the Demos.

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    Cool idea, @wrannaman! Would be keen to observe and learn.

    If ever, would also be good if you'd be willing to test out our new product, MeetButter (, for this. We've developed it to help manage meeting flows and encourage interactivity -- and we'd love to get more feedback. :-) If it looks like something that might be relevant, just give me a ping at [email protected]. Happy to give you a walk-through!

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    Im down to present/judge

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      awesome! Only 9 more spots to fill haha.

      I don't think there will be any judges per se, just IHers that want to watch will vote.

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