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Give away product to non-profits for free

If a non-profit asks you for giving product for free, give them for free but with a twist.
Tell them "you will get this product for free in return for a backlink from their website." This way you will increase your domain authority and SERP rankings as non-profits have backlinks from authority websites.

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Hey, I am Benas! I run a Youtube channel focused on personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and a little bit of tech in between. If that is something you are interested in, come and check out my channel! It's free

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Attract new audiences by creating text-based interviews

Text-based interviews played a huge part in Indie Hackers growth. And they're not alone --- Pat Walls of Starter Story got 12.6M impressions in a year by interviewing founders.

What's more, from outreach to editing to publishing, it only takes about 30 minutes of work.

Text-based interviews make for great content and they're way easier than creating articles from scratch. They also bring the interviewee's audience into your ecosystem. And they can be great for SEO too.

All you have to do is create an interview template that you'll use each time. Then reach out to people in your industry, starting with people you know. When reaching out, keep your message short.

Tell them why you want to interview them, specifically. Show social proof and let them know what kind of exposure they'll get. Don't be afraid to follow up. And after they've completed the interview, make sure to proof-read & edit it.

P.S. Start interviewing your SaaS customers. They will feel special and you will get a blog post, and the interviewer's free promotion will hopefully bring more customers. Recently, EmailOctopus conducted a text-based interview of TheSlice creator

Amy Hoy's "business in four sentences

  • Work on the basics every day.
  • Solve your customer's pains.
  • Market constantly.
  • Ship.

Prevent churn by letting customers pause their plans by @nickfogle

Reduce churn by allowing customers to put their subscriptions on hold.

Nick Fogle of Wavve ($123K/mo) saw an immediate 3% decrease in churn when he started allowing his customers to pause their subscriptions instead of canceling outright.

His paused users weren't paying anything so it was a lot like losing customers at first, but he found that they were way more likely to reactivate. And when they did, that was money in his pocket that otherwise would have been lost.

If you decide to give users the option to pause, you can increase the likelihood that they'll come back by sending email reminders and limited-time offers. You can even let them set a date for the plan to automatically reactivate.


  • It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it. (Tweet)

  • Are you looking for freelance work & actively posting on Linkedin? Then use the LinkedIn name pronunciation feature. And add your message such as "I grew X to six-figures in a year or any other client success." This way your chances of getting a job through LinkedIn increases.

  • Use answerthepublic.com to understand the type of questions around your niche/product. Then answer relevant questions on Quora.

  • To unlock more snippets, 👉 come Inside.

1. The Carrd Story: 7 steps to $30k MRR with zero marketing (2019)

2. Free graphic design resources for marketers by @jaideep

3. To get leads from uneducated markets, go after potential buyers, not after learners by @andreeamaco

4. Seven practical examples of how to improve CTA's by @MrAtiebatie


  • join.coulf.com — a community for founders. Build meaningful relationships, better products, stay accountable and more. All made possible by the community. by @Dinakar
  • Bolt - the easiest way for designers to collect visual feedback from clients and stakeholders, by @pips
  • LF.gg/youtube - the best way to receive honest feedback for your product's page, and it's free. By @orliesaurus
  • Automatio.co — No code web automation & data extraction tool. Create bots, scrapers, API visually, and without writing a single line of code. @kinder
  • I Can Now Code - a space for self-taught developers (including bootcamp grads) to list their profiles and showcase their works. by @namwa
  • Atrato.Page - let us build, measure and optimize your Landing Page while you focus on building your product by @AtratoPage
  • Pixel True - 150+ Free SVG Illustrations & animations, free for commercial and personal use. by @speedpoint
  • https://saasstarterkit.app/ - Laravel-based SaaS starter kit with subscriptions, invoices, default pages, tests, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD and more by @karakanb
  • Handypolls - Online poll creation tool. Create a poll and share the link or QR code with your friends or colleagues. Simple and friendly service for online voting. by @lemetriss@kas@Tirex


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