I'll review your website copy.

Hey! This is Ali.

Looking to add some websites for my copywriting service.

About me; marketing professional, ex Samsung, Huawei and Honor. Worked on social ads, landing pages and commercials. Now looking to go freelance.

I'll select 3 websites and give you my feedback on how you could optimise in exchange for a review.

Any niche/product/service - open to all.

Over and out.

  1. 1

    Hey Ali

    I am the creator of 💧 blurweb.app - Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing.

  2. 1

    Hi - https://cinematicstudio.app - Video editing for social media😁

  3. 1

    Oh, I have rewrote ours some times actually,:


    Super gratefull!

  4. 1


    I've spent a lot of time on this copy, and I did it all myself. Would love your feedback.

  5. 1

    This is timely! I just launched the landing page for https://launchy.xyz and it’s very rough around the edges still

  6. 1

    Would love to hear you thoughts on zenrows.com :)

  7. 1

    Conversioncrimes.com Would love feedback, it's super hard to write for your own thing.

  8. 1

    Mine's pretty straight forward but I'd love some feedback.


  9. 1

    Hey there,
    we are currently getting ready to go live in a few days. Giving first dibs to anyone who ask. here is the site https://wizwonk.com (landing page) or https://wizwonk.com/commons/request_tutor to see other parts of site.

    look forward to your feedback

  10. 1

    I'd love to hear your feedback as an experienced marketeer on www.derigodash.com 🙌

  11. 1

    Hi, you can try our websites. saasjournal.io

  12. 1

    Hey 👋, I've recently launched Weka Checker. Might not be the kind of site your after but id love someone with experience to look over the copy.

    1. 2

      Hey Allan! Any site works and this was actually pretty fun to work on.

      Let me know what you think:


      1. 1

        Wow that was fast. Just had a quick glance and it looks great! Will look at it this evening properly and implement it

        1. 1

          Thanks again, just updated it. We used all of it expect:

          • Headline. We like our current one and feel that saying under two minutes is not true. The work involved is 2 mins but the return time is not 2 minutes.

          • Time saving has been left as is. We'd like to use a stat but want to get some more data first.

          • Accountability has been left but we reworded the description after seeing your example.

          • We didnt do the social proofing, we need some more customers first.

          Overall this was super helpful, thanks so much!

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