I'll tell you 10 reasons why your idea won't work

OK, Go!

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      It's so simple and possibly effective that I'm gonna say that it will work, but I'll give you (bad)reasons anyway:

      1. Founders are too busy to answer your questions
      2. They won't want to share how it works so that you don't steal their market
      3. They certainly won't explain how they validated the idea
      4. They probably have a large twitter following already which means they have access to a lot of people
      5. Many other people already doing it, indiehackers included
      6. People probably won't read what you write
      7. You'll probably give up after a couple weeks anyway
      8. Not all solutions solve a genuine problem
      9. Filler because I need 10
      10. Filler because I need 10
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        Man thanks for writing this! Reason 7 is my favourite. I’ll try to keep this going though 😄

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    Looks like your idea doesn't work! :)

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      🤣 got 10 reasons why?

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