Product Development April 7, 2020

I'll test your startup for you

Todd McNeal @toddmcneal

This had a good response last month so I figured I'd try it again. Post your startup here and I'll create one automated test for you using Reflect, the test automation product we're building. The test can be anything you want:

  • A test that checks your login flow
  • A test that verifies new users can register on your site or sign-up for your newsletter
  • A test that checks the visual state of your homepage (we support visual testing!)
  • A test that verifies your shopping cart flow.

...Or anything else you can think up! I'll set up your test to run once per day, so going forward it'll email you if it detects any failures.

If you're interested, add a comment here with a link to your startup and a short description of what you want tested. Also make sure you sign up for a Reflect account (it's free - no CC required) before you add a comment so that I have somewhere to put the test.

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    Very interesting app:) Please check and let me know .

    1. 1

      Thanks! Can you let me know once you've created your a Reflect account (it's free). You'll need to do that first so that I have some place to put the test. Thank you!

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    Interesting tool Todd. Can you help to test my product? It accessible at The login uses a decentralized auth provided by Blockstack. Interested to see if the auth works fine everyday without issues in multiple browsers.

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      Sure thing! Can you create a Reflect account? (It's free) Once you've done that I'll go in and add the test to your account