I'll try out your product and give honest feedback

In exchange I request you do the same for my 100% free group greeting cards platform - https://recocards.com


What I'll do - I'll try out your product, i.e. I'll sign-up if needed (if it doesn't ask me for any payment), poke around and see it working; and honestly tell you how it feels from a customer perspective, and if I have any suggestions.

Action required - Please drop a link to your product in comments.

Thank you and have a great rest of the day/evening!

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    First impression in random order:

    • the font's tiny
    • scrolling down to see samples ... nothing . "What is a reco card" ... show don't tell?
    • 100% free ... what's the catch?
    • is Farewell a good default for the dropdown?
    • made the card, now what? "Share this card" button is barely noticable.

    I get the idea. I used to run a design generator for commercial printers. They were a dying breed, so I let it to die. zetaprints.com it was.

    Did you listen to an interview on IH podcast with a guy that built something similar? It was more for gifts, I think. Jason Calacanis is raving about a service that allows him to buy a giftbasket without specifying what's in it and letting the recipient choose. Kind of like a giftcard.

    What's the business model, target customers and how are you going to reach them?

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      I had this same feedback, almost in the same order! Especially using the word "reco card" without capitalization -- it made me think it was a word I didn't understand, or something that had been mistranslated.

      I'd also like to see an example of a card on the homepage.

      You can test my product at people.fish/packages -- there is a free option, no login/password required (just an email address so we can send your report).

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        Professional market research for anyone.
        Whether you’re a solopreneur or a growing startup, we’ve got something that works for you.
        # Professional market research for solo-preneurs and startups

        • target by
        • the free package looks too limited
        • what's the difference between "real responses" and "real consumers"?
        • same day report? do you write them yourself?
        • "We'll [verb]" --> "We [verb]", maybe, not 100% sure. We will sounds like a promise. We do sounds like a fact.
        • "Results in one week" --> "... within a week", set a deadline, not a startline
        • "Not sure where you fit? Click here and let’s talk!" --> " ..fit? Let's talk."
        • FAQ, no s
        • FAQ answers - make YES, NO, ABSOLUTELY bold. That's all I need to know. Will read more if interested.
        • "And we’re happy to sign an NDA." - just publish a standard NDA and say you abide by it.
        • "Refunds are rare and a last-resort." - sounds lame. 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked or don't even talk about it.
        • Link individual review blocks to their reviews on TP. I went there and couldn't make a quick 1:1 match.
        • Do you really have 500+ teams? Is a single professor from Stanford a team? I would think these are sort of enterprise level deals

        #### The above is based on knowing nothing about your business - I just landed on the pricing page.

        The questions in the slideshow on the homepage don't look right to me. Refer to "The Mom Test".

        I did not understand how your service is different from what is already out there.

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          Thanks for this feedback. I've made a few of these edits already.

          Yes, we have 500+ clients. Most of them are teams, some are solopreneurs. I use the word "teams" because it's more landing-page friendly, IMO, than "clients."

          I'm curious when you say the free package looks too limited. It's supposed to be a free trial -- a taste of what you'll get back. What more would you have expected?

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            I expected a package that would be genuinely useful. I don't actually know what the limits for that should be. Maybe say it's a free trial?

            From what I hear, if the free tier is too limited or too pushy users do not upgrade. I noticed that in my own behavior as well. Don't quote me on this, though.

            Do you have a minute to give me feedback?

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        Hey Nick, somehow the /packages page didn't open for me on 1st try (it did later) so I went straight to your landing page. It looks solid, professional and modern (all the qualities that my https://fastfwd.to totally lacks 😆).

        If you care to listen, I do have one piece of feedback regarding the landing page. It's not immediately clear to me what exactly you offer. The area of your offering is clear, but your product is not.

        • Is this a survey builder software or is this a human-based service?
        • Are you more focused on helping me build the survey or reach the right audience? Both? Cool, tell me!

        I cannot answer those questions without digging deeper, but then again, I need those answers to decide if it's worth digging deeper.

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          Thanks for the feedback. I've gotten this a few times before, so I'll work on it.

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    Give my jobs site a look through:

    Thanks Sanjay!

    For recocards:

    • total nitpick; your mobile site has some dead space on the right.
    • You give many opportunities to create a card as you scroll down the page. Good shit.
    • when you create a card the "who is this for" stays in the modal as the "creating.." message flashes when I would expect it to only show "creating.."
    • your modals are super thin on mobile and difficult to use. Consider making it the whole page with an exit button at the top and/or a cancel button at the bottom
    • Solid performance/speed as I click around 👌
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      Thank you Steve. Here it is -

      Took me a bit to understand it is a job portal. The title "Data job titles are ambiguous. We fix that." is a bit ambiguous IMO.

      I completely ignored the part below the search button "
      The roles below have been reclassified into one of four categories using their description text and machine learning.". You could simply say "Or search by category -"
      with a <small>powered by ML</small> or something

      Enter key doesn't work on search

      Search button should probably show me a "loading" roller. I had no idea that it already searched and updated the list.

      Suggested features:

      • A feature to "shortlist a job" would be nice.
      • Location hints would be nice
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        Thanks Sanjay!

        You are not the first to say the hero text is ambiguous so I've definitely got to be more clear.

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    I thought it was me but it seems more people here don't know what a "Reco card" is.

    A few other points:

    • Mobile doesn't really work, consider making it unavailable and tell people to go to a larger screen.
    • Is it possible to make one without signing up? It could lower the barrier.
    • Share this card - looks like a great viral driver. Make it easier to share the link! Either a copy to clipboard or some social sharing options
    • When shared, make the UI a bit different so it's actually nice to look at in itself. Remove the top header and somewhere below just put "Create your own Card" or something like that.
    • The background doesn't look that great. You can hardly see the picture if you put one. Maybe just use solid colours or add an actual picture. The thumbnails look deformed by the way.

    Hope this helps a bit!

    Please share your feedback on: https://www.soon.works/
    Or roast this landing page in particular: https://www.soon.works/integrations/google-calendar

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      Very clean. I was able to understand immediately what the product is - a scheduling software. But then things start to fall apart - maybe it's a scheduling system, maybe a kind of calendar + kanban (after I tried it)

      Would team think of too much micro-management, if folks are managed at hour level or day level?

      Does this integrate with outlook for meetings maybe? I wasn't sure.

      Pricing was a very hard find

      Nice backlink profile.

      Feature suggestion

      • Can add a "demo" button without having to sign up. Not "schedule my demo" though.
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      Your capterra reviews look totally made up.

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      Re the integration ...
      I think a short screen capture of a scheduling conflict being resolved in one and sync'd to the other would speak volumes.

      Your design looks sleek. Maybe a bit more of show-don't-tell would help because a lot of what the product does is visual.

      Feel free to say something about my page:

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    Hey @swebdev! Congrats on building Reco Cards. I’ll add a few thoughts here:

    1. It looks like your page doesn’t extend the full width on mobile. (I’m on an iPhone)
    2. I’d remove the “100% Free” and maybe change your CTA to create a free card or something
    3. You have a description of what the product is all the way down at the bottom of the page. It helped me understand more of what it does but I had to scroll all the way down to find it.

    Good work and best of luck!

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      Thank you very much Justine!!

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    I will just look at the UI/UX side, as this is my daily business. Here are few things to consider:

    • I am not a fan of stacking modal windows in the way it happens when signing up, it makes it feel unfinished.
    • The standard "Material Design" looks a bit dated and bleak, maybe look into something more playful to fit a creative service like this. The same goes for the landing page. It is all a bit clinical, but group greeting cards should be fun.
    • The "Your Cards" button on the dashboard is not vertically centered.
    • The width of input fields in the modal windows is very large compared to the data you put in.
    • A missing mobile version might put many users off.

    Those are just first impressions, good luck with your business!


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      Hey Daniel, I really love your landing page. Looks very solid. If this helps:

      I, like many others, hate the ugly monster Google Analytics is. Apart from that, I do care about privacy, both mine and my customers. It's not primarily about technology (cookies vs no cookies) though: I'd trust my data to your cookie-based approach more than to Google's no-cookied-based approach.

      For that reason I am mostly using another indie-made analytics tool these days. It helps that they have a free plan. To me, it means I can track those tiny traffic numbers on my numerous websites without adding monthly costs and paperwork for projects that earn no money. As a result, I am learning their software, and when one of my projects takes off, or I need an analytics tool for one of my freelance clients, I am more likely to use it as I already know the tool.

      I am not suggesting you should offer a free plan, just giving my perspective and why I might still have chosen them if I were aware of your product months ago. Going with paid-only is a bold decision and you have my respect for it.

      If you are thinking on how to decrease the barrier for entry without offering a free plan, you could try one of these:

      • It's not free, but you start charging after 1000th visit or some other number
      • Extended free trial: 30 days is kind of too short for projects that are just starting. I might not be able to get enough traffic to get to use your tool.

      If you are primarily targeting projects that already have traffic, then all good. But that kind of means many of your customers will typically have to migrate analytics from another tool to you, which is an obstacle. You'd ideally want people to start with you and stay as they grow.

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      Love the website - first look

      Love the black background product image

      I almost considered to use it for my website (https://recocards.com), but bummerr, no free forever basic version :/. It's ok though.

      UTM parameters and stackable filters. - what are those?

      What Customers Are Saying section - is it missing an image on the left side?
      Feature suggestions

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      Hey, pirsch looks like what I need, but, I don't want to use the hosted version, at least not yet. So I salivated a bit, checked out your github and left. No conversion there.

      I think what would help if you put both, hosted and self-hosted options side by side on your homepage and made it really easy to get going with the self-hosted.
      Can I host it myself and pay you for the dashboard?

      I found this explanation on GH disgenuine: "close as possible to the prey without being noticed". I kind of see what you mean, but it was read the wrong way. My visitors are not prey and I do not want to hide my intentions on tracking them. Quite the opposite, I want them to know what is being tracked.

      Do you need to be embedded into the app? Can you process a stream or run off web logs? All my traffic goes via CloudFront and my code is Rust. Ping me [email protected] if you think you can help.

      Feel free to say something about my page:

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    Hi Sanjay, here is a site that my friend and I just launched. It's an ecommerce site, not a specific product. Nonetheless, we would love to get your feedback! https://everydaybasis.com/

    For recocards...

    • Maybe it's just me, but I'm familiar with the term "personalized reco cards". Is that a new term you're coining? I'm not sure what are alternatives. Maybe something like "create digital cards for any occasion!".
    • The feature to insert a GIF amd upload an image are really great.
    • Examples! I would love to see examples on the landing page. We've used this in the past at my company (reddit) https://www.groupgreeting.com/.
    • Stealing a page from groupgreeting, I personally like showcasing the notes within a card. I see you have notes created in a grid format, which is fine. I'm more familiar with the card format with digital pages where I can sign a part of the card.
    1. 1


      Pretty clean website

      The product page - e.g. https://everydaybasis.com/product/grapefruit-zest/ , I don't get much confidence to order here, becuase in the back of my head I always know you're going to add some hefty shipping later.

      I'm not sure if you offer returns. Given that these are consumable offers, I don't expect returns offering either, but you might wanna be explicit about it.

      You can offer a strike through price with a timer, offering e.g. 20% discount expring in 7 days for e.g., to drive a sense of urgency

      • The nav bar places "ABOUT" at a very premium place (2nd option). I'm unsure if it's that valuable on an ecommerce site.

      Feature suggestions (with some different value proposition against amazon for e.g.)

      • Recipes?
      • Video reviews would be nice
      1. 1

        THANK YOU Swebdev. I passed along your feedback to my team. We agree making shipping rates more apparent and transparent is good. We will also look into adding videos. We choose not to add discounts for several reasons. There are pros and cons, but we don't want train users to buy only for sales.

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    https://productroad.com, please :)

    I tried to use Recocards, filled a name of a friend for my birthday, and tried to login via google, got: "A network error has occurred Dismiss". Could you fix that so I can try again?

    1. 1

      Thank you Lex.



      Overall clean

      I keep thinking - what extra I'm getting from, trello or clickup.

      Feature suggestions

      • How do I move a card from one "roadmap" to another?
      • Item backlog, a common place for unassigned roadmap items.
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    Can you check our website and give us feedback? https://www.saasjournal.io/

    1. 1


      For headings like "Best Practices In SaaS Marketing 2021", I didn't really like the font. Maybe 'Muli' would be nice.

      I was a bit disappointed with the prime location of "Promote your Saas" button. It made me feel like if I'm reading bunch of promoted posts only.

      The post view is nice, although it reminded me of blogspot, which is kind of old school now. Medium etc. offer much cleaner looks

      Overall I had the vibes of a curated blog. Nice work.

    2. 1

      Your site looks like one of those AI generated blogs. Maybe adding something what its all about and who for will help.
      Feel free to say something about my page:

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    Looks like your website is down, I tried it couple of times. I will check it again in an hour and let you know my feedback.

    I appreciate if you can give me your feedback on webapp WatermarkHere

    Thank you.

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      I think you're underutilizing your homepage. E.g. check https://picresize.com/, all good things right at homepage, I quickly come upload download done. No scrolling through and I quickly get to try the product.

      Site looks clean.

      It's hard to select a 'watermark' once I've unselected it.

      There are three steps - add photos , add watermark , download. Could we cut it short and get things done faster? An assumption could be that 80% of your users will only have 1 image at a time.

      I didn't understand what "Better performance" in the paid plan description.

      1. 1

        Thanks alot for your feedback.

        I am big fan of direct app on homepage, thats why I made my previous web app Watermark.ink to use the product directly. But some users complained about not having product description how to use etc :) So this time I added a home page. I will seriously think and reconsider it.

        It's hard to select a 'watermark' once I've unselected it.
        I will look into this issue.

        Batch watermarking is popular, I added three steps to let user know what is happeing and what to expect next. But your point is very valid for single image watermarking.

        I didn't understand what "Better performance" in the paid plan description.
        I will correct it and improve this sentence.

        I honestly appreciate and thank you for your time and feedback. Your website https://recocards.com/ is still down, page not found.

        1. 1

          Thanks Kishore. Would you be able to share a screenshot so I can check? I haven't seen reports of it being down, and I also checked manually.

          1. 1

            Now its working. Yesterday I tried twice with few hours gap and both times it went to unreachable.

            My feedback on Recocards.com

            I feel you can show a set of sample cards on the homepage so that I can get glimpse of how the cards look. I don't like to sign and then get to know how the cards look.
            When I try to create a card it asks my name and card type, (I assumed it is going to show me a card) then immediately it asks me to login, that is dissapointing. Maybe you can let the user create a sample card and then ask if they want to save it(login) etc.

            Website looks simple and clean. Minor text alignment issues with bullet points in the bottom section "Create a Reco Card Now".

            My biggest complaint is not showing sample cards. Goodluck.

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      A service like yours needs to look top notch and have some creative flair. Can you get a designer to help you?
      The screen layout is not intuitive. Uploaded photos show up at the bottom left. Why not just put the last uploaded photo on the canvas?
      Can you make the default placement and style of the watermark more appealing?
      It may be a good idea to release it as a shopify app.
      Can you make the homepage the app?
      I didn't really need to read about it - just let me try it.

      Feel free to say something about my page:

      1. 1

        I am not an expert on UX, so some of my suggestions may not be accurate. My feedback on above links.

        • I feel most of the text conent can be improved, some content is a bit hard to understand. It took me sometime to understand that there is a separate tool called Stackmuncher which runs on my code. This is very important feature, I think you should highlight it and let the dev understand it clearly. For example you can say something on the top like "Run Stackmuncher and get a report on your code". Show a sample of how the report looks etc.
        • I felt there is a lot more text. Some of the headings also can be made smaller
          example - "Find software developers with the right skills and expertise"
          can be changed to
          "Find devs with the right skills and expertise".
        • Some places text like Code privacy can be made to a link when user mouse over it can popup or a dialog.
        • You can use icons in many places example github.
        • Almost all the text on the UI is of two different font sizes. I think you can use more font sizes, especially for some less important stuff you can reduce the font size.
        • Panels looks like boxes, you can make them bit curvy and headings may look better if they are centered.

        Again I am not an UX expert. I suggest you get some feedback from Victor twitter @vponamariov . His suggestions and twitter comments on UX are excellent. I learned alot just by following his twitter posts.

        1. 1

          Thanks @prakis! Ping me next time you need a review. Happy to help.

          1. 1

            Thank you, I will keep a note.

      2. 1

        First thanks alot for your feedback.

        I got a UX review from a UX expert, I will re-evaluate it.

        The screen layout is not intuitive. Uploaded photos show up at the bottom left. Why not just put the last uploaded photo on the canvas?

        I have another web watermarking app Watermark.ink where the application is directly usable, some of the users complained about it. I will reconsider to remove the homepage and let users try the app directly.

        Regarding placing the first photo on the screen. The intention is to separate adding photos, adding watermark and downloading into 3 steps. In the first step I wanted user to add all photos, multiple times drag & drop photos. Then edit photos(crop, photo effects) everything in this step and then move to watermarking. I will think more about it.

        It may be a good idea to release it as a shopify app.
        This is an excellent idea, I will seriously consider it.

        I didn't really need to read about it - just let me try it.
        It was initially like that, I added homepage to let user know what is the product (it was also asked by some users of my previous product). I am re-thinking about it now.

        Thanks alot for your feedback and I will give my feedback on your product in sometime.

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    Check out the draft of my landing page and what I do https://razum.app/
    Ready for roast haha

    1. 1

      Intersting, unconventional UI. I like it.

      "Forget Fear of Failure" - hard to tell what the product is.

      I didn't really enjoy the swear term - honestly.

      I like the idea though.

    2. 1

      Why are the emoji's cut? Maybe better to just use real pictures of yourself :D

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    Hey @swebdev, I'm in!

    Congrats on launching Recocards. I wish you best of luck!

    Now my feedback:

    1. For me it was not clear what exactly I would be getting until I reached the last step. Ideally, I should get that idea right on the landing page. Maybe you add some screenshots of example cards?

    2. I don't like how the shared card viewed by the recipient looks exactly the same as how the sender sees it on the edit page. I'd expect the recipient to see a cleaned up version of the page, without any buttons, or your branding (maybe just a link in footer or header). It should be a 'static' version, maybe with some frame or background.

    3. I'd consider adding an option to send the card as email. If I am emailing this to my recipient, sending a link via email sounds redundant. Just email the card directly. Same goes true for messaging apps. Why would I send a link? Instead, just let me copy an image version and paste it in the chat.

    Your turn now - https://fastfwd.to

    Burn it to the ground!

    1. 2


      Umm.. favicon?

      I'm not a huge fan of the way "USE CASES" is written there. You can make it bigger, but to reduce the emphasis you can whiten the color - reduce the contrast. (gray or something)

      Overall the design (landing page) seems quite basic. Check out https://www.appzi.com/
      (don't take me wrong, mine suck at design too)

      I do like the simplicity of design once I sign in.

      Your links aren't sticky to the customer, it's a randomized redirect. I'd rather read the cookie, and show them only one version. My customers shouldn't be surprised by different pages when they visit my link.

      Given that the links are tied to fastfwd domain, e.g. https://fastfwd.to/recocards-com-landing-page, it's kind of not super encouraging. Especially as the fastfwd.to is quite long (compared to bit.ly for e.g.). It'd be nice to host the links on my own site, e.g. recocards.com/fastfwd-link-1 which redicts in A/B manner.

      1. 1

        Hey Sanjay, I wish my landing page had only those issue you mention! It got totally roasted a couple days ago here in IH and needs a serious revamp. Already in progress.

        Thanks so much for taking time to actually use my app. Your feedback is really useful.

        Your links aren't sticky to the customer, it's a randomized redirect. I'd rather read the cookie, and show them only one version. My customers shouldn't be surprised by different pages when they visit my link.

        Makes sense. While it's true they will always see the same version if they refresh (at that point they are on your specific page already), they will get sent to a random destination if they go back to the original place where they clicked the link. I'll think about this.

        It'd be nice to host the links on my own site

        A few people asked this already. I added custom domain support to the pipeline.

        1. 1

          man redo the entire page. Use Tilda or Carrd, this way you won't screw up design so badly. I couldn't read the logo, couldn't get what you're doing in 1 minute and colors don't match.

    2. 1

      It doesn't look like the OP is reviewing anyone here :)

      @mzrnsh, you gave me a great idea. I was pondering how to A/B test my stackmuncher.com. It is completely static, has no JS apart from a small snippet for the search box and sits behind CloudFront. If you could give me a no-code for that I'd totally sign up.
      It's not that I cannot do it myself, it's just too much work to do it in code.

      About your page ...
      All the juice is in the FAQ. Turn it into the main content.

      1. Feel free to say something about my page: https://stackmuncher.com/about/developers/
      2. Would love to have a chat with you about freelancing. Ping me on [email protected]
      1. 2

        Hey Max, that's precisely what my app does. You can already A/B test Stack Muncher with FastFWD. If my landing page didn't make that clear to you, it needs a lot more rework than I thought 😅

        Regarding Stack Muncher:

        Run StackMuncher profile builder over your current and past projects

        Directly mention what kind of projects. Git projects? Projects listed on my portfolio website? This is one of the first things I read, make it count.

        StackMuncher profile builder is an open-source code analysis app.

        This might be misinterpreted that you help developers who contribute to open source. Will scare away people like me, who have almost non-existent open source activity.

        Stack size: 22

        What does this mean?

        "Anonymous profiles, Public profiles, Member privacy, Code privacy, No member ranking" - maybe use some icons in this section? Looks too boring

        As a freelancer, I wouldn't sign up for a platform that doesn't already have clients they can send my way. I understand you gotta start somewhere. Are you a freelancer yourself? Then you must have a handful of clients you can convince to get listed on your platform.

        1. 1

          Georgi, thanks for your review. It's very valuable. Would love to bounce a few msgs in private to find out about your freelancing, if you have a minute. No pressure.

          I signed up and created a link on your site. What I see is that your https://fastfwd.to/devs does redirects to multiple targets I configured. Does it mean I have to use your domain in my hrefs to make it work?
          Not sure it's a good idea.

          What I'd like to see is a piece of code that I can run locally on my server or Lambda or Lambda@Edge, ideally source-available that I can compile myself and I'll come to you for the no-code drag-n-drop config part. The code will probably stay the same, but the config changes all the time.

          Like I said, building the redirect is easy, maintaining it is a hassle.

          What am I missing?

          1. 1

            Sure, I will reach out via email

          2. 1

            Hmm. You are not missing anything. You are just looking for a different solution :)

            FastFWD is a hosted & no code solution. The links are on my domain for now but I am considering to support custom domains in future.

            Think of it as a URL-shortener that can be used for A/B testing as well. Primary use case is to share links like this or like this: https://fastfwd.to/devs. On IH, on forums, on Twitter, you name it.

            My target audience are marketers & non-technical website owners who want to share a link with their audience and get people to multiple pages based on different rules:

            • Random split for A/B testing
            • IP based split, to serve different content to people from different regions
            • more stuff coming: split based on http headers, query string, device type, preferred language etc
            1. 2

              A custom domain, e.g. ab.mydomain.com would work. At least I am somewhat in control. But yes, if you target a completely non-technical audience then they should be OK with your domain. You are onto it. Go Gorgi! :)

      2. 1

        @rimutaka. I am. I have a day job, so apologies for the delay.

        1. 1

          Actually he reviewed all other posts except mine 😂

          Just kidding! You're doing great @swebdev, I will patiently wait for my turn ✌️

    1. 2


      First impression - love it

      Very modern design.

      Your listings are very clear (landing page)

      Minor: I don't like the 1st question on your form for submission - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6YOKVsDALaw9SuixG7RqP0ar03lBr8Du1MjZDjZvCn-gsdg/viewform - "Who referred you to us?" I think it probably can be a last question instead.
      The form is also quite long.. have you considered typeform?

      On listing page , e.g. https://www.microns.io/startup-listings/online-dating-chatbot, all the info is nice but unverified. You can optional provide some domain stats, link to product hunt, backlinks(?) etc., basically any signals that'd help me get serious about the listing.

      Your newsletters seem really good. and read-worthy and engaging. Good stuff.

      Not much else to say, it's a nice tool. Great job!

      1. 1

        Hey Sanjay. Thank you for your review. Let me answer to your feedback.

        1. Moved "Who referred you to us?" to the end of the form
        2. How TypeForm can solve my problem better than Google Form?
        3. Form quit long because this is minimum information to create listing for potential buyers, so they can make decision to contact startup founder
        4. I plan to create verification service, it would be paid one, so we can make due-diligence and verify all of the info for buyer. Let me know if you would a buyer what kind of data you wanted to know?

        Thank you man! I will check your greeting cards platform and provide feedback soon.

        1. 1

          How TypeForm can solve my problem better than Google Form?

          In my opinion, typeform presents one element at a time in a pretty interactive way. Long forms create a mental overhead.

  12. 1

    Hey, I'd be very happy to do that. My product is a passwordless authentication solution that allows you to login/register your customers without passwords.

    Website: https://mojoauth.com/

    1. 1


      It says "No Singup". Typo?

      Great animation on top. Very easy to understand the product.

      Overall I like the landing page and choice of colors

      Signing up now.

      I like how sign-in mimics the passwordless part.. super cool!

      Umm.. when I click "Verify your Account", it goes to a link that says "Please navigate back to the login page". But how?? There is no header no footer to go anywhere. Trapped.
      Check how stripe has done it for payment redirects.

      Anyway I manually head to https://mojoauth.com/dashboard/new as it was open in another tab.

      Very good dashboard design.

      When I regenerate an api secret, is the previous one immediately invalidated? This might not be nice as it could break my site.

      Documentation seems very good.

      Overall the best part is design. My least favorite is maybe the logo.

  13. 1

    Hi, I'd be happy to exchange feedback - if you could do this for my app (note, it's a Windows 10 app). Are you on Windows?

    1. 1

      Umm sorry, I'm on mac :/
      Appreciate it anyway.

  14. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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