January 13, 2020

I'm a salary negotiation coach for experienced software developers going to big tech companies, ask me anything!

Software developers get offers from companies like Google and Facebook, then we work together to negotiate the best compensation package possible.

I also wrote a book on salary negotiation called "Fearless Salary Negotiation: A step-by-step guide to getting paid what you're worth". Between my coaching and product sales, I've helped people earn millions of dollars more than they would have.

You can ask me about salary negotiation and career development, transitioning from being a full-time employee to being a solo founder, bootstrapping a business, building a premium service offering for B2C customers, writing books, sunsetting my B2B SaaS to build my current business, and probably 20 other topics I love talking about :)

I'll be here at 3pm Eastern Time on Wednesday 22nd of January. Ask me anything!

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    I'd love to hear stories of how people from lower represented backgrounds can achieve a better and fair salary.

    So say I'm a [woman developer], how can I ensure that I truly get paid something of equal level to a fellow male future colleague?

    And have you dealt with situations of people negotiating a payrise or better work conditions within the same company?

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    What should be a fair wage for a senior dev in AWS, Berlin?

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    How does the salary negotiation work for developers coming from outside the US moving to a company like Facebook or Google in the US? As it will be difficult to compare the employees current salary & cost of living to his new place of work and country.

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    Hey, I believe you've helped my friend Swizec in the past.

    Do you provide coaching for junior employees?

    Do companies ever pull an offer once they know a candidate has you on board?

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    You're the second professional salary negotiator I've come across in the last couple months. I'll ask you the same thing I asked him:

    Why do you offer strictly salary negotiation versus offering a suite of career-related services?