I'm a technical founder looking for a co-founder in the Orlando, FL area.

Hello, all

I'm a self-taught front-end developer (also somewhat a back-end developer; Node.js Express.js MongoDB), I previously worked over a year at an e-commerce tech start-up, Commercejs.com, as a FE developer.

I tried and failed to launch to two solo-projects OnlyInsta.com and a virtual debit card platform last year.

I recently spent some time building an audio native mobile app for Androids.

I'm currently looking for a founder to partner with who can also code. I'm open to helping build out an idea someone/you may have or share some of my ideas I'm interested in building.

I love to look for gaps in life to fill, projects that interesting to me or helpful.

"It takes time to come across situations where you notice something missing. And often these gaps won't seem to be ideas for companies, just things that would be interesting to build. Which is why it's good to have the time and the inclination to build things just because they're interesting. Live in the future and build what seems interesting. Strange as it sounds, that's the real recipe."
-Paul Graham

Please feel free to DM me on twitter, comment below, or email me!

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    OnlyInsta is OnlyFans/Patreon etc. did you start this concept before or after these guys?

    If it was before, then you can spot market opportunities

    If it was after, then you need a better CAC strategy, which is what I do.

    I sold my first company @ 24 for $550k and have been hacking growth ever since. I’m a photographer, videographer with 300k followers on all the major channels.

    I’m learning LowCode so I can be solely reliant, but I’m looking for someone to partner with to fuel our growth.

    I have the ideas, I have the audiences. I don’t have the exact Stack knowledge yet (I will have this soon), but mainly I don’t have the time to do everything and crush it.

    Would love to have a conversation. Hit me up.

    I went to school at UF, my wife is from Orlando and I live in Brooklyn.

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      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for the comment. OnlyInsta was a concept I thought of after Patreon, last year in November, I was going to try to focus on dividing the adult content from clean exclusive content, however I decided last year in December to no longer work on the project.

      I’m currently focused on a service that’ll allow small businesses to easily arrange a QR purchasing/shopping experience.

      I’d love to connect and chat further! I used to live in Brooklyn when I was 17-18 getting my HSE diploma, and also lived there again when I moved back from Orlando for a brief period when I landed my first full-time developer role.

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        Interesting project - what was the tech stack for each of these? Did you run into an issue where your infrastructure/ops costs were a problem? Or was it simply a consumer acquisition?

        Drop me an email, let's find a time to talk: [email protected]

        Having had some experience trying to sell to SMBs, I would say don't do it. It's way too hard and the ROI just isn't there. Instead, focus on a digital-business that's gonna be easier to reach and sell to en masse. We can dive deeper on our call.

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    Experience Language has a few members in different places. If you would be open to a virtual team around the world feel free to checkout this post describing what we want to accomplish and let me know if you are interested in talking more.




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      Hi Brett,

      Thank you for reaching out. I’d love to connect and learn more about the concept and current stage of Experience Language.

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