Looking to Partner Up February 10, 2020

I'm an ex-Tesla marketeer & UI/UX designer. Have some time on my hands to support small businesses. Interested?

Melanie Goel @melaniegoel

Hey you, my name is Melanie. I'm an ex-Tesla marketeer and work as a UI/UX designer. I've got some spare time on my hands and would like to support small businesses in their marketing & design efforts.

Please feel free to text me at [email protected]. Looking forward to working together!

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    Why did you leave Tesla?

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      My department was let go during the 2018 layoffs: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1006597562156003328

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    Hey! Would love to learn more 🙂

    What sort of work / projects are you interested in?

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      Hey hey, I'm open to web UI/UX projects & marketing consulting. And if someone needs German content, I'm happy to help out as well :)

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    Hi Mel,

    I have a great idea for a dating app.We need designs..do you want to be wih us?

    thank you

    Nicholas, London UK

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    Hi =)

    I'm also a designer, but I am looking for a marketeer to help me come up with a name and brand... Would love to chat if you have time?

    (i'm based in Europe)

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      Hey Ellie, thanks for reaching out. Happy to help. Maybe just shoot me a quick message via [email protected]

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    Have any interest in designing a weather page for a Tesla web app? Where are you located?

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      Hey John, absolutely. More than happy to help out! I'm based in Munich, Germany. But I'm flexible with my working hours, so that we can align if needed. Maybe send me a quick message via [email protected] and we can take it from there?