Looking to Partner Up April 21, 2019

I'm building a desktop app for mobile devs. Any mobile devs want to collaborate?

Harald Bregu @PureIndie

I'm building a desktop app for mobile developers and entrepreneurs to aggregate templates and functionalities with simple UI.

If anyone here is a mobile/iOS developer and has some idea about tools for mobile developers we can collaborate.


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    I think the whole mobile market is huge - so there is potential for an Idea like yours. But please provide more informations. :)

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    Interested. Need more info

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    Based on some interesting businesses of marketplaces like CodeCanyon or similar, i started to work in a general purpose template for iOS.
    Working on the template i understand that most of developers or developer/entrepreneurs need not only templates to build faster apps but they need tools to create apps faster, deploy and test faster. Plus the price of using a template and customize or paying developers is high.
    What i'm thinking and working is a tool (desktop app) that help to create mobile prototypes, deploy on App Store and test them using mailing list.
    But this is only and half idea about the project.
    @Mexchen @Sweetheart777