I'm building a new project in public, an app to find and hire freelancers in your Twitter network

Over the last year, I was building a feedback SaaS in public on my Twitter profile, but ended up shutting it down due to a lack of product market fit. During that time, two things became apparent to me.

First, it became very rewarding to interact and get feedback from the Twitter community. I wanted to make sure this next project would be one that the Twitter community would benefit from and give me an opportunity to build new relationships.

Second, over and over again I saw that people mentioned reasons why Twitter is a better tool to grow their professional network instead of LinkedIn. This has become a theme and I want to add a layer on top of it to accelerate it.

For these two reasons, I recently decided my next project will be be an app to find and hire the best designers, developers, and marketers that are recommended in your Twitter network. I'm hoping to help the most talented freelancers get more exposure and work opportunities. Any feedback on the app concept would be greatly appreciated.

I will continue to build in public, you can follow me on Twitter and I will try to post major updates here in IH as well.

Also, if you're a freelancer, tell me what you like/dislike about Twitter and same for LinkedIn.


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    Interesting concept, Stephen. Will be following your journey 👍

    I am a freelancer myself, but I am not using Twitter to grow my freelance business. Personally, I am more interested in this platform as an aspiring founder.

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      Thanks for the follow Giorgi!

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