Landing Page Feedback September 28, 2020

I'm building an automated buffer for podcasters. Please roast my landing page and I'll roast yours.


I recently saw this trend of podcasters sending short clips to share their podcast episodes. So I wanted to create something that automated that and add a little more value to podcasters.
So the idea of was born.
I'm now working on the copy and design to see if it's understood.

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    Show/include some examples!
    Correct "egament" in "engagement"

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    Very nice idea, I'm pretty sure many podcasters are struggling to create crispy trailers.

    1. Right now it look like there is too much text in the beginning of the page - many lazy people won't read it till the end, so it should be catchy with less words. For example, what do you think about pushing on your customer's pain first? And then introduce your magic pill which will make them never feel this pain again
    2. Bottom of the page looks empty - I would expect to see another call to action there! Probably users will be more persuaded by your "How to" section, and this is the best place to convert them
      Did you conduct any UX interviews on this with your target audience? Might be a good step to nail it
      Good luck with your product!
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    Hey Barakcodes. Cool idea.

    1. It would be helpful to see an example of a podcast clip. Are we talking cinematic movie style or just an image with some text? Are we talking 10 minutes or 10 seconds? Etc.

    2. Point 1 on the site implies that I can make a trailer of my own or somebody else's podcast. As a frequent podcast listener, I'm not sure why I would want to create a trailer for somebody else's. I have never wanted to do that before. But I do actively look for clips of other people's podcasts to share.

    3. It would be helpful to see what the alternative is that you're improving on. I would imagine that podcast producers use video software like Final Cut Pro (or the equivalent for audio) to edit their podcasts, and that creating short clips is quite easy within a tool like that. But of course, I may be mistaken. If your tool is better than existing tools, it would be great to show what those existing tools are and how it's different/better.

    Good luck!

    Would appreciate your feedback on my site too:


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      YOUR SITE:
      Hey so I checked out your site really clean design I git to say. It feels more like a story from the beginning if you know what you want go straight to buy and if you don't here's some insight and here's how it works so it creates a sense of calmness and understanding for the visitors. Apart from a slight js issue with the menu button which took a 4 tries to open everything seems fine.

      I don't use slack so I'm not in a position to say validate or say anything about your product but from the internet I think this will kind of reduce the distraction
      and pressure put on people. And it seems to be more personal than team focused.

      Hello thank you so much for the feedback it's really insightful information. There are angles you touched upon that honestly I didn't think about from the start.
      But the main intention here is short video about 2 to 3 seconds with either actual video or waveforms, this is intended to go out to the podcaster social accounts to update their listeners of the new episode and give them a little of a hint to get people interested, at the end of the day track these. I will go back to the drawing board for my messaging hopefully I can get some feedback from you.

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        Hi @Barakcodes. Thank you for the feedback.

        Consider incorporating some of what you just wrote to me in your landing page. You explained it well in this comment, and I think that context would be helpful on your landing page.

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    "Onestop shop ", I think the word "Onestop" is gramatically incorrect.

    Second, the headline is about YOU. Make it about YOUR USERS. Something like "Create podcast trailer video clips in 10 seconds".

    But even that is not enough. You're making an assumption that podcasters know the benefits of a trailer video clip (you don't mention that anywhere). Is it the fact they get increased traffic? Engagement?

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      Wooow thank you very much. I'll take into action what you just said and I'll check back. If you have yours I will be happy to review it for you.

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