March 25, 2020

I'm building SaaS and documenting the process. Day 19: Post view and voting


This is the nineteenth episode in the reality show about the development SaaS app from scratch. The previous episodes:

Open SaaS development from scratch: why and what
Day 1: requirements and UI wireframes
Day 2: admin pages
Day 3: user pages
Day 4: database models, database update, and a couple of new wireframe pages
Day 5: started API and made changes to the database models
Day 6: created the admin board and new problems
Day 7: board settings page
Day 8: board settings page, more details and tabs
Day 9: board settings page, more tabs
Day 10: finished all 4 meta lists for board settings page
Day 11: experimenting with subdomains
Days 12 & 13: subdomains, separate apps, and user interface
Day 14: end-user UI for creating and editing posts
Day 15: end-user UI - bug fixes and list of user's posts with paging
Day 16: the skeleton of public page with the list of posts
Day 17 & 18: working on the public page

Yesterday I moved to creating a page for showing a separate post. By the plan, it had to look something like that:

Public post wireframe
For now, it's looking like that:
Public post v1

The voting is not working yet (the code is ready but it has bugs). I also fixed some bugs and did some refactoring to avoid unnecessary data loading.

Time spent: 3 hours
Total time spent so far: 47.5 hours

Thanks! Stay tuned!

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