I'm building the fastest PWA storefront for Magento; thinking about ways to monetize; am I missing something?

Hey, everyone!

So I've been building a storefront for Magento based on a GatsbyJS static website generator, but still not sure which way to go in regards to monetization..

I'm currently thinking about open-sourcing it and building a community around + eCommerce agency which will do consulting and build web-stores. Also thought about some enterprise offering and building products for it later (different extensions/services)

Right now, we are only 3 'builders' in the team (me, backend developer and designer), but I've worked with some agencies and can scale the operations by outsourcing parts of the work quite fast.

My solution has quite significant advantages:

  • much better & easier SEO
  • high PageSpeed scores without much dev efforts (conversion rate, SEO)
  • easier deployments
  • potentially - less issues in production, easier to debug
  • significantly lower development costs

Primary disadvantage is the lack of community of developers around it and extensions - that's why want to opensource it ASAP.

Would appreciate any feedback and ideas. Thanks!


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