I'm building this Twitter app. Is it a good idea?

I started working on TweetSpacer a couple weeks ago. It's to scratch my own itch. I wanted something that will let me write a bunch of tweets at once but space them out throughout the day. I think other people would find it useful, but I have no idea and really need some feedback.

Watch the video and lemme know what you think.

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    Please make it an app and make the pricing dependent on your followers. I like to use it but I don’t think it’s worth like 10$/month for me yet. And id like to use it on my phone so am app would be crucial

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      Thanks for the feedback. I want to make it "pay what you can.". I'll make sure it's mobile optimized.

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    Looks great. Looks like hootsuite or the dozens of other schedule twitter app (very crowded area), but with a nice dashboard, and the flow is so easy that it can make a difference.
    However, a product based only with that seems light to me. If you sell that to 2$/3$, you can have some clients, but it won't be good for you (support+payment gateways+hosting will cost you more)
    But seems great as free product, to sell a bigger app of other more important features.

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    Looks great! How is this different from hypefury.com?

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      I had never heard of Typefury. I think the differences

      1. TweetSpacer has a more focused interface for composing tweets and threads
      2. HypeFury starts at $19/mo and TweetSpacer will be much cheaper than that.

      I'm not sure what to price it but I keep wanting to let people just pay what they can. Give them a slider from $1/mo to $10/mo and let them pay whatever they can afford.

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        Hey Adam,

        Hypefury's founder here.

        I am glad your tool exists and I think healthy competition is good for everybody.

        Here are my remarks:

        1. Do you think a "focused interface" is enough value for users to not only join, but also to pay?
        2. a. Do you want to work and support users looking for "cheap"? (rhetoric question)
        3. b. Will "cheaper" finance your time coding new features, fixing bugs, doing support, doing marketing, etc.? Doing this stuff during the honeymoon period is cool and exciting, but would it keep being cool and exciting for one year? Five years?

        I hope these are good points.

        Excited to see what you do with HweetSpacer (😛).

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          Those are all good points. What advice would give me to avoid any of these traps?

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    Looking good. Would I pay? Nope, I'm not an advanced Twitter user. I don't tweet that much so no need for scheduling. But looking solid, gonna bookmark in case I become a Twitter ninja.

    Upcoming features also promising. About the urls I've recently learned so I wanted to share; Any URL counts as 23 characters https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/how-to-tweet-a-link I heard a few automation platforms having trouble with this calculation.

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      Hey Anil. Did you become a Twitter ninja yet? 🙃 I just launched TweetSpacer and I'm doing a $20 Lifetime subscription the first 20 customers. If you're interested you can learn more/ signup at https://www.tweetspacer.com

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        Thanks for the heads up Adam.

        Apparently nothing have changed on my side. Constantly tweeting 70 per month and those are mostly replies.

        Gratz on the launch and there is a typo in the beginning if that's not intentional.

        TweeetSpacer let's you

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          Thanks for pointing that out. Just pushed a fix.

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      Yeah! the URL parsing is something I'm working on right now. It's definitely trick but I know I'll solve it given a little bit of time.

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    I'd love to use this product if you can tackle Twitter's current limitation of scheduling threads with media – it's a really well-built product!!

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      Hey Steven. I finished coding and just launched TweetSpacer today! It makes media uploads for threads Really Really Easy. I'm doing a $20 Lifetime subscription for the first 20 customers. If you're interested you can learn more/ signup at https://www.tweetspacer.com

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        OMG this is amazing, thanks for letting me know! Will sign up right now!!

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          👍 thanks for signing up, just sent you a welcome email.

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      Hypefury supports posting threads with media well (unless you put a heavy video on each tweet!).

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      Thanks Steven! Can you tell me more about the limitation you're running into with media in threads. I wanna make sure I solve it in an elegant way

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    Hey guys,
    I was thinking, is there any other twitter issue that your wish would be solved?
    Maybe I can build an app from it and practice my skills ;)

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    Seems a bit like a fusion between typefully.app and a Tweet scheduling tool like Buffer, Hypefury etc.

    I feel like for me personally, TweetSpacer would not be so useful since I can rarely come up with more than 1-2 decent Tweet ideas at the same time.

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    It looks great and the interface to schedule tweets is super simple and easy to use.
    IMHO the worst thing about Twitter's navite schedule is having to change the date and time manually with dropdowns.
    Can you drag/drop tweets from one timeslot to another?

    Awesome work 🤙

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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm goign to add the ability to re-arrange the tweets in the schedule before launching on March 1st.

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      Hey Antonio. I finished coding and just launched TweetSpacer today! The drag/drop feature you mentioned isn't live yet but should be in the next couple of weeks.

      I'm doing a $20 Lifetime subscription for the first 20 customers. If you're interested you can learn more/ signup at https://www.tweetspacer.com

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    I think it looks awesome and the magic is in the simplicity. I agree with the other comments though - it might be hard to monetize in a significant way but maybe a reasonable annual subscription might attract Twitter users who need a minimal space to perfect a Tweetstorm.

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      Hey Adam. I finished coding and just launched TweetSpacer today!

      Good point about annual subscription. I'm going to do that. BUT for the first 20 customers I'm doing a $20 Lifetime subscription. If you're interested you can learn more/ signup at https://www.tweetspacer.com

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    I consider myself an avanced Twitter user (or that's what I think at least) and I have to say that's it's a useful tool, but the niche is VERY specific (Maybe that's a good thing for you, maybe it's not, I don't really know)

    The problem is that I don't think many people would pay JUST for this. I think you'll need to add some extra features to catch people's interest. Maybe something like what Hypefury does.

    Anyways, I totally understand that it's a work on progress so I suppose you'll improve it with the time, so I wish you the best of the lucks and you can contact me if you ever need anything! :)

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